Whether you are a student looking for the best off campus housing near FSU or off campus housing at FAMU, a family who wants to be near good schools, or an office professional looking to limit your work commute, you will find all the information about neighborhoods in Tallahassee right here. Use our maps, tips, and neighborhood descriptions to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Tips for Getting Around Tallahassee:

  • Tennessee Street and Monroe Street are main roads, but they have lots of traffic lights. While they may look like the most direct route on a map, they tend to take longer.
  • Tennessee Street is also called 90 or "Tenn Street", and Monroe Street is also known as 27.
  • Use I-10 to get across town and avoid surface street traffic lights.
  • Capital Circle is exactly what the name says – it circles the city. Make sure you pay attention to north-east/south-east and south-east/south-west designations or you may find yourself going in the wrong direction.
  • Tallahassee is known for its beautiful canopied roads, but they can be intimidating for drivers who aren't used to navigating them. The roads are narrow, covered by trees, and have little or no shoulder. New or insecure drivers may want to skip Old Bainbridge and other canopy roads until they feel more comfortable driving around town.

Get your bearings before you start searching for an apartment:

  • Tallahassee is not a large city, but the few main streets get very congested around rush hours and game days. You will find that certain routes are much quicker as different times of the day. When in doubt, avoid main arteries like Tennessee Street, Monroe Street, and Appalachia Parkway. They all have tons of lights and heavy traffic during peak drive times
  • If you live anywhere near the Florida State Stadium you will have to pay attention to the Seminole's football schedule. Tallahassee loves its college football, and traffic will be often diverted and very heavy on game days. Tennessee Street, Tharpe Street and Pensacola Street will all be very congested.
  • Downtown is not as much the heart of Tallahassee the way it can be in larger cities. Downtown consists of office buildings, the Capital, and a few small shops and restaurants that mostly cater to the business professionals that work downtown. It is home to the Downtown Get Down, a weekly tailgate during college football season. If you are looking for places to eat and shop you will find lots of options on Appalachia Parkway.
  • Tallahassee does not have as many easily defined sections of as some cities. Killiarn, Midtown, and Southside are a few areas of town, but you may also hear “near campus”, “off of Fred George and Monroe” or “off of Park” as opposed to Northside or Westside.
  • The actual city limits of Tallahassee covers a very small area, only about 100 square miles. Any land inside of Leon county as a whole is referred to as Tallahassee. Nearby cities and suburbs of Leon County include Crawfordville, Havana, Woodville, Midway, and Monticello. These areas are more rural and some residents choose to commute in favor of larger land plots.