Find Apartments with Ceiling Fans in Tallahassee, FL

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Find Apartments with Ceiling Fans in Tallahassee, FL

Ceiling Fans

Apartments in Tallahassee come with everything from stainless steel appliances to individual leasing to fully furnished apartments, but you may be surprised to find out that not all apartments come equipped with ceiling fans. Even some luxury apartments do not offer this feature. While it is true you can substitute ceiling fans with floor standing fans or smaller desk-style fans, ceiling fans become part of the room's décor, save space and are safer particularly for children and pets. Today's ceiling fans are more efficient, with improvements in motors, controls, blade design and reduced weight making them a feature of a room instead of an eyesore.

Apartments with Ceiling Fans in Tallahassee: The Perks

There are actually quite a few benefits of having ceiling fans, however, regardless of what kind of central air conditioning system you have or how powerful it is.

Stay Cool

Living in Tallahassee apartments with ceiling fans can make you feel up to eight degrees cooler than you would otherwise. While this certainly is not enough on a really hot day, it can actually be plenty when the weather is not all that hot. But even if you have your central air conditioning turned on, you can still benefit from running your ceiling fan. That is because the cooling effect of the ceiling fan can allow you to turn up the thermostat for your air conditioner, resulting in a considerable savings on your cooling bill.

Save Some Money

One of the financial gains of Tallahassee apartments with ceiling fans is that they are so cheap to run. They can complement central air conditioning systems nicely and will provide significant savings over time. Running an air conditioning system alone can certainly keep you cool and comfortable all summer long, but it will also cost you considerably more than if you were to throw a ceiling fan into the mix as well.

Ceiling Fans Are Useful in Winter, Too!

Apartments with ceiling fans in Tallahassee will help you stay comfortable all year long. In fact, ceiling fans can also be of use in the winter because they help to return the warmer air to the lower parts of your rooms. Warmer air will naturally rise, meaning that your heating system will have to work harder and harder to keep the air in the lower part of your room warm. With Tallahassee apartments with ceiling fans, warmer air will be re-circulated throughout the house to keep you warmer and help keep your energy bills down at the same time. There are several energy saving tips for your Tallahassee apartment that will also save you money throughout the year.

Keep Pests and Allergens Away

Ceiling fans are also helpful if installed above dining tables or kitchens because they dissuade flying pests from entering the room, which can be very helpful in Florida as the humidity brings in pests. Tallahassee apartments with ceiling fans can especially help those with animals in pet friendly apartmentsas it will help steer dander and fur into air filters. The benefits will enhance your comfort in your home.

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