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Apartments in Tallahassee Under $900

Apartments $900 and Under

Tallahassee apartments under $900, or right around this price range, offer some of the most flexible options in terms of location, floorplan, and amenities in the city. You'll be thrilled with options in all four corners of the city with something for everyone to consider in many Tallahassee neighborhoods. While smaller budgets may restrict your square footage or location a bit, you'll find that this price range often offers you up to 1,000 square feet of space and frequently results in the opportunity for a choice of a two-bedroom/one bath, or two-bedroom/two-bath layout – perfect for a pair of roommates, couple, new family, or busy individual looking for a comfortable and well-appointed apartment home all while staying within a budget that isn't too inflated to manage.

Features of Tallahassee Apartments Under $900

In addition to space, you'll find apartments at, or under, $900 in Tallahassee are typically a nice mix of individual and joint leases. In other words, these apartments can be geared towards students, or, they may be more conventional properties, so be sure to pay attention to whether the rent price is quoted "by the room" or not. Regardless of property type, we've discovered that all properties in this price point offer thorough amenity packages that you've likely come to expect. From interior finishes and upgrades to modern cabinetry and upgraded countertops and fixtures, to property features like refreshing and well-groomed pools and landscaping, fitness centers, laundry facilities, resident gatherings, and other property features that encourage residents to utilize outdoor space to gather and connect.

Ways to Save in Tallahassee Apartments

The price point of apartments under $900 in Tallahassee is already exciting for the wallet but we have some additional top tips to help you save.

  • Energy Efficiency: This might be one of the easier and more obvious ways to shave additional dollars off of your monthly bills. Always assess your energy use and see if you can simply use less of it. Take shorter showers, turn your thermostat up or down a few degrees depending on the time of the year (take advantage of open windows and a nice breeze!), look for an apartment under $900 with energy-efficient appliances or ceiling fans, turn off water when brushing teeth or washing dishes, and turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Thrift and DIY: If you're crafty and have an eye for design (or even if you don't) apartment home living is an excellent time to learn to save a few dollars and flex some creative muscle. While you can always search for a furnished apartment under $900, it's fun to check out local thrift shops or Facebook Marketplace to discover pieces of furniture you can bring back to life with a coat of paint or stain or some new fabric. Often, it can be hard to put much of your own mark in an apartment home due to restrictions on structural changes or paint restrictions, so getting creative with repurposed furniture and décor can be fabulous and save you a pretty penny.
  • Ditch the Extras: That well-appointed 24-hour on-site fitness center steps from your front door included in your rent? Use it! And ditch your gym membership. This is the perfect time to really evaluate what conveniences your apartment under $900 is offering you and how that can actually save you money. You may even find that you're more likely to prioritize your health and wellness now that access to a fitness facility is more convenient. Not only are you saving money, but now you're saving time! Win-win.
  • Find a Roommate: A roommate can significantly reduce the costs of living in an apartment and make your search for apartments under $900 much easier. Not only will you be able to split rent and utilities, but if you are close enough, you can split things like groceries and decor. Some apartments offer roommate matching, but if your apartment does not, you could always ask friends or utilize a group through work or school to see if there are roommate matching opportunities.
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