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Find Cat Friendly Apartments in Tallahassee, FL

Cats Allowed

Searching for a pet-friendly apartment in Tallahassee? Well, you and your four-legged friend are in luck! There are several communities in the area that welcome cats. In general, cats are independent creatures that tend to be very rental-friendly. They're easy to litter box train, and you don't have to worry about them chewing on anything while you're out. With that being said, there are still a few things you'll want to consider before adopting a new pet or moving into a cat-friendly Tallahassee apartment. Check out these tips and tricks to ensure a smooth transition for both you and Felix!

5 Tips for Cat-Friendly Apartment Living

  • Ask About Pet Fees: As you're searching for cat-friendly apartments in Tallahassee, be sure to ask good questions about pet fees. Some apartment communities charge a single deposit or fee upon move-in while others charge monthly pet fees. In addition, you'll find that some communities charge on a per pet basis while others charge a blanket fee and allow you to have up to 2 animals.

  • Ensure Easy Identification: Prevent your furry friend from getting lost with a microchip – a small electronic ID chip that your veterinarian places just under the loose skin on the back of your kitten's neck. While investing in a traditional collar/ID tag is still a great idea, the chip will serve as an excellent backup in case the collar breaks or falls off. This is especially useful if you live in a roommate-friendly apartment where people are coming and going frequently. In the event your pet accidentally slips out, the chip will allow vet offices and animal shelters to quickly reunite you and your loyal companion.  
  • Keep Your Pet Entertained: Scratching is built into your cat's DNA and is an instinctual process that helps them sharpen their claws and mark their territory. You'll want to invest in a scratching post to prevent unwanted marks on your furniture, carpet, and walls. While cats are sedentary throughout most of the day, you'll want to ensure they also have a few toys and maybe even some catnip on-hand for when they're feeling playful. This will prevent your cat from getting into trouble marking or scratching where they're not supposed to.

  • Litter Box Placement: Easily avoid pet-related flooring damage by placing your litter box away from carpeted areas. Pet urine is hard to remove from carpet, both in terms of stains and odor. Try to find a spot for the box that's more secluded such as the laundry room or your bathroom. This will provide your pet with privacy so that they feel safe using that area, and it will also ensure that any litter box-related odors stay confined to one small section of the apartment.

  • Flea Protection: Help your cat avoid unnecessary itching and scratching with flea protection treatments. This will keep both your Tallahassee apartment and your furry friend free of unwanted pests. It's much easier to prevent fleas then to treat them after the fact. Cat-friendly apartments in Tallahassee often have a lot of pets living close together, and things like fleas spread quickly.
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