Get to know…Midtown Tallahassee

Midtown extends east from N. Macomb Street to Capital Circle NE and Capital Circle SE. The boundary starts at Apalachee Parkway and extends north to I-10.

Apartments in the Midtown area

While the Midtown/East Tallahassee area is experiencing new growth, it is still home to many young families and older couples, and is a strong residential area in Tallahassee. Midtown/East Tallahassee is becoming a Tallahassee hotspot for young professionals, growing families and creative types. It's an ideal place for people looking for a safe place to live outside of the downtown area, but still close enough to downtown's entertainment and business districts. Tallahassee apartments in this area are moderately priced. 

Schools in the area

Near Florida State University, Lincoln High School, Leon High School, Fairview Middle School, Swift Creek Middle School nearby, W. T. Moore Elementary School, Sullivan Elementary School and Gilchrist Elementary School.


Midtown/East Tallahassee is home to the Governor's Mansion and many other historical landmarks of Tallahassee like the Princess Murat Hotel.

Enjoy the open air and sunshine at Lake Ella. Many visitors bring their families or pets for a picnic, or to feed the ducks and geese. Midtown is home to Tallahassee's Historic Park Avenue. Those living in the area can also enjoy the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science. This museum provides an interactive hands-on science center that offers a wide array of visual arts, science, mathematics, and technology exhibitions by some of the most famous names in art. Family focused science demonstrations and programs are also offered on Saturdays. Residents also get the luxury of having the Museum of Florida History. For a real overview of the history of the Tallahassee region, the Museum of Florida History chronicles early Florida through more than 40,000 artifacts and permanent exhibits spanning from the prehistoric up to Florida's industrial development. Tallahassians from all over come to Midtown to visit the Governor's Square Mall located on the Apalachee Parkway. The Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center is conveniently located in between South Macomb Street and South Bronough Street.

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