Apartments in Tallahassee for International Students

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Apartments in Tallahassee for International Students

International Students

Have you recently moved to the United States to attend FSU, FAMU, or TCC? Welcome! Finding an apartment is already an exciting and sometimes intimidating process, even for a local, but is here to help. When looking for an apartment for international students near Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College, or Florida A & M, use our tips below to easily find a comfortable place to live and you can start enjoying the benefits and local flavor of Tallahassee sooner.

Apartments in Tallahassee for International Students

We know many processes and terminology can feel new to you. You're already trying to settle into a new school and new community so look for ways to simplify your experience. Luckily, apartments offer furnished and all-inclusive packages that are perfect for international students looking to streamline their renting experience. Since you have likely traveled a distance, you may not have furniture with you, and you can avoid the expense of acquiring it by looking for a furnished apartment. Though you may find an apartment with furniture essentials, remember you'll need to bring your own items like utensils, dishes, cookware, linens, and other personal items to plan to budget and shop for these things around move-in. Likewise, simplify your bills by looking for an all-inclusive apartment. Inclusions will vary but typically you'll find you're able to wrap utilities like electricity and water into one simple monthly payment.

Additionally, look for apartments with roommate matching. Living with other students at FSU, TCC or FAMU can be a great way to beat loneliness and make new friends. You can learn about the area more quickly and share your experience with others. Roommate matching is a simple process where the apartment community will provide a short survey to learn about your interests and lifestyle and then match you with roommates who share similar traits.

Cultural Considerations for International Students in Tallahassee Apartments

Though you're likely already aware, there are certain laws and restrictions in Tallahassee that you'll need to be aware of as a college student to avoid trouble. For example, many countries outside of the United States have different age restrictions on alcohol consumption. In the United States, alcohol consumption or possession under the age of 21 is not permitted in any establishment, such as public restaurants to a private home. Be sure you have a form of identification with you at all times. Not only for the purchase of alcoholic beverages but just because it's a good safety practice. If you plan to drive or use a bike or scooter, you'll need to be licensed. Contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles for more information. If you don't plan to have a car, there are many apartments near public transportation to make getting to class and around town easy and stress-free.

For additional resources to help international students, check out our Tallahassee Relocation Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities should international students in Tallahassee look for in an apartment?

Depending on your situation, you could have a more involved move, over longer distances than some other students. Looking for an apartment that is furnished or one that is all-inclusive can help streamline your life. Avoid having to move larger pieces of furniture or the hassle of purchasing by searching for furnished apartments. Also, an all-inclusive apartment can help you streamline your monthly bills by rolling your rent payment and other bills into one. This may include your electricity, water, trash, and more. 

Where can I find international food grocery stores in Tallahassee?

While there are many great restaurants and cuisines to try all over Tallahassee, sometimes a taste of home is important. Many supermarket chains like Publix sell a variety of international foods and spices. If you are looking for a more specialized item try specialty groceries such as Apna Bazaarand Little India

Where can I learn more about moving to Tallahassee as an international student?

When it comes to moving into a Tallahassee apartment as an international student, a great place to start is our relocation guide to Tallahassee. The team at has compiled a list of resources so you can plan your move, manage your utilities, and learn about different areas of the city. You can even check out the neighborhood guide to learn a bit more about what makes each section of Tallahassee unique.

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