Florida State University Parent Guide

College can be hard to navigate for both students and parents. From finding the right student apartment to navigating FSU's beautiful campus, it's easy to feel lost. Starting fresh can be overwhelming! That's why we put together this FSU Parent Guide, to lead you through the challenges of settling your student in, getting around, and finding what you need at Florida State University. We want your student to be prepared and successful, so we did the homework for you. Now get excited for a brand-new year! You and your Nole will love it here!

Choosing The Right Apartment for Your Nole

Moving from the campus dorms to off-campus housing is a big step for any student. We've laid out the pros and cons so you can decide what apartment is the perfect fit for your Nole. If you're questioning your upcoming move, check out the articles below. 

FSU Campus

Florida State University Cost of Living Guide 

Check out our comprehensive budgeting guide for college life in Tallahassee.

Off Campus Apartment Pool

The Off-Campus vs. On-Campus Apartment Debate

Decide if a dorm or an apartment is right for your student! Explore the benefits of off-campus living here.

Off Campus Apartment Pool

Security Features to Look for in FSU Apartments

Safety can be a main concern. Check out the features we prioritize when looking for an apartment.

Off Campus Apartment Pool

Relocating to FSU from Another State

Moving to another state for college can be daunting. Check out our tips for out-of-state students and their parents.

Settling Into Life at Florida State

From crossing state-lines to navigating the campus bus systems, we've got you covered. Whether your student is coming to college with lifelong friends or they're ready to meet someone new, Tallahassee is full of opportunities and memories to be had. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of life at FSU. 

Off Campus Apartment Pool

FSU Transportation Guide

Everything you need to know about parking on campus, the campus and city buses, and getting around Florida State University.

Off Campus Apartment Pool

Parent Weekend Visits

FSU's Parent Weekend is one of the best times of the year! Here are our tips on what to do and where to go.

Off Campus Apartment Pool

Making Friends at FSU

It can be hard to find friends in a new place, but FSU is full of opportunities! Check out our advice for making connections on campus.

Off Campus Apartment Pool

Getting Along with Roommates

Everything you need to know about finding a roommate and keeping your shared space conflict-free.

Helping Your Student Feel at Home on Move-In Day

Whether it's your student's first college move-in day or their last, don't let it be overwhelming. We've put together a list of everything you'll need so the day runs smoothly and your Nole's new apartment turns out exactly how they've always dreamed. Let it be a great start to a great year!

Off Campus Apartment Pool

Making Your Student Feel at Home on Move-In Day

Move-in day can set the tone for the rest of the year. Here are our tips for making sure it goes smoothly.

Off Campus Apartment Pool

Furnished Apartment Shopping List

Off-campus living comes with a to-do list. Here's everything you need to buy if your student is living in a furnished apartment.

Off Campus Apartment Pool

First Apartment Grocery Shopping List

Whether your student is a chef in the kitchen or just a beginner, here's a grocery list of items they should start with.

Additional Nole Resources

FSU is full of great resources; you just have to know where to find them. We've put everything you'll need into one convenient list. Whatever you're looking for, from scholarship information to campus recreation, from sports schedules to sending your student a care package, start your search here. 

Off Campus Apartment Pool

FSU Resources and Links

Here are additional links and resources your student may need at FSU.

Off Campus Apartment Pool

FSU Relocation Guide

Check out these relocation resources to feel confident in your move to Tallahassee!

Polo Club living room

Tallahassee Neighborhood Map

Get familiar with Nole Nation and explore all the neighborhoods surrounding FSU.