Apartments with Individual Leases in Tallahassee, FL

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Apartments with Individual Leases in Tallahassee, FL

Individual Leases

Many times residents who are looking for Tallahassee apartments with individual leases are students who are attending Florida State University,Tallahassee Community College or young professionals working in a state capital where prices for homes are usually high. On a student or young professionals salary, your options are limited due to your budget. Having to worry about all of your bills can be incredibly inconvenient, stressful, and potentially damaging to your credit, especially if you get behind. So, finding a Tallahassee apartment with an individual lease is a really important factor when looking for your new home on top of rent cost, amenities, and location.

Individual Leases: Things to Consider

Not only should you take into consideration things like rent cost, amenities, and location, but you should also look at Tallahassee apartments that offer individual leases. These types of communities offer residents additional protection against getting caught in a financial jam because not only do they allow you to have roommates but they make it so each roommate is separately responsible for their portion of the rent. So if your roommate doesn't pay one month, it doesn't affect your situation. When searching for your new home, you can use the RentTally search tool to find communities based on different criteria including rent price, number of bedrooms, lease length and whether or not they offer individual leases as discussed above. After you search, our website provides you with a few communities to choose from, but depending on how specific you are about what you're looking for, it could give you as few as one. This process makes finding the best Tallahassee apartment with an individual lease a quick and easy thing to do.

Individual leases in Tallahassee are not only financially beneficial, but they can also be helpful if you decide you don't want as long of a lease as other residents within your apartment. If you only want to live somewhere for 6 months, then this is what you need. Additionally, individual leases offer the flexibility where if you cannot fulfill your lease agreement, you can individually sublease your room to another person (if your community allows it) without having to worry about your roommates. All in all, this search tool to help you find individual leases for Tallahassee apartments is a really valuable one that could surely provide you with the best home for your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an individual lease?

Individually leases allow students to rent one bedroom in an apartment. Other students will lease the other bedroom(s) and you will share the common spaces with your roommates. Because you are only renting a bedroom in the apartment, you will only be responsible for your portion of the rent. These communities typically include some utilities in your monthly rent as well!

Will my individually leased apartment have roommates?

If you choose to live in a 2-, 3-, or 4-bedroom apartment that offers individual leases, the other bedrooms will be rented out to other students. This means you will be sharing the common spaces (think living room, kitchen and laundry room) with roommates. If you have friends that you'd like to live with, be sure to let the community know so they can assign you to the same apartment.

How can I maintain privacy in an individually leased apartment?

Even though you'll be sharing the common areas of your apartment with roommates, your bedroom will be private and should include an individual lock and key to maintain privacy in your personal space. Some floor plans may have shared bathrooms that you will share with one other roommate, while others will offer a private bathroom that is attached to your bedroom. 

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