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Get ready to find your apartment near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Live off-campus and still be close enough to enjoy the rich FAMU college experience, from Homecoming to Set Fridays. has the best search technology to assist FAMU Rattlers in finding perfect student apartments. Search by hundreds of apartment options by criteria including rent price, amenities, location, and more. Each listing contains up-to-date photos along with available floor plans, specials, and current rates.

The Rattlers of FAMU

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is the only public historically black university in Florida and is the 3rd largest HBCU in the United States. FAMU's mission to educate African American students, including all races and nationalities, brings students from over 70 countries to Tallahassee. FAMU is consistently recognized by U.S. News and World Report as a top university. With programs spanning from undergraduate to doctoral degrees, and with various satellite campuses throughout the state of Florida, Florida A&M offers a wide range of academics making it a great choice for college students in Florida.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find all-inclusive apartments near FAMU?

Yes, you can find all-inclusive apartments near FAMU! An all-inclusive student apartment means that cable and utilities are bundled into monthly rent and apartments come fully furnished. Students with all-inclusive leases get to enjoy the perks of only making one payment rather than paying utility bills separately and no heavy lifting on move-in day! To learn more about if an all inclusive lease is right for you check out our FAQ on the pros and cons of an all-inclusive apartment.

Does the Venom Express stop at FAMU apartments?

The Venom Express provides shuttle transportation to and from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University from 6:00am- 10:30 pm. Off campus housing communities located along Adams Street, Monroe Street, FAMU Way and Eugenia Street offer bus stops right outside the communities or just a short walk away. Don't forget to check out the special Set Friday route that has a few extra stops along the way. The best part? FAMU students ride free with a Rattler ID. Start your search for apartments on The Venom Express route

Will I be roommate matched with other FAMU students?

Off campus housing provides a great opportunity to meet new friends! All student housing communities provide a roommate matching program where you will be matched with other students that share a similar lifestyle and things like your year in school and areas of study. You should definitely provide your preferences on the roommate matching to your community, but do keep in mind there is no guarantee that all of your roommates will be FAMU students. You may find that you have roommates attending Florida State and TCC as well. Be open minded and trust that your new community will match you with roommates you'll love! If you do have any roommate matching concerns be sure to address them in advance prior to move in date.

What are the benefits of FAMU off campus life?

Whether you are a commuter student or are looking to enjoy more freedom outside the dorms, Tallahassee offers several student communities both walking distance and less than a 10-minute commute to FAMU campus. Here are the top 4 reasons why many students prefer off-campus living:

  • Full size kitchen! – Are you passionate about cooking or looking to save money by eating out less? Your off campus FAMU apartment will come fully equipped with a refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, stove, range and plenty of counterspace to whip up a meal at home.

  • Amenities and resort-style pools! – Off campus student housing communities provide 24- hour fitness centers, clubhouses with game rooms, study centers equipped with computer labs and free Wi-Fi, resort-style pools and resident activities (just to name a few)

  • Space and privacy – Even if you are sharing an apartment home with roommates you will still have access to your own private bedroom and bathroom – no more shower schedules and sizable walk-in closets for all your beloved items.

  • Adopt a furry pal!- Unlike the dorms, off campus student housing is often pet-friendly.

Your Apartment Questions Answered

  • How can I exercise with no equipment in my FAMU apartment?

    It is no secret that living on your own in a new environment sometimes leads to weight gain. When I first came to Tallahassee, I myself was a victim of the freshman fifteen. Now, we face an even bigger weight gain threat: the COVID nineteen. Students in FAMU apartments that include an exercise room are beyond lucky; the rest of us must make due with what we have at our disposal.Body Weight ExercisesWhether you are a novice or have a bit of experience lifting weights and working out, you will... Read More »

  • How can I avoid falling behind in my online FAMU classes?

    With syllabus week out the window, the real intensity of classes begins to show. Before the age of COVID-19, there were no worries of falling behind unless you didn't attend class. However, with pre-recorded lectures, zoom meetings from your bedroom, and countless email notifications, it can be easy to fall behind. Here are three quick tips to succeed in your FAMU online classes.   Time management   College already teaches you, even before COVID-19, that time management is... Read More »

  • Where can I buy fresh local produce near my FAMU apartment?

    Any experienced chef knows the importance of cooking with fresh ingredients to make a tasty dish. While larger grocery chains may be convenient, there are extra benefits to buying local produce that make the trip worth your effort. Luckily for students living in FAMU apartments, Tallahassee offers plenty of places to get fresh produce at fair prices. Try checking out one or more of the places on this list next time you go out for produce.Tallahassee Flea Market Located in Southeast... Read More »

  • Are there good music venues around FAMU?

    Musicians and music fans living in FAMU apartments will be happy to learn about the thriving music and art scene surrounding the university. The area has plenty of venues to catch large and small sized concerts which will be sure to satisfy anyone looking to attend or perform in music events. FAMU also has a renowned University radio station, which features upcoming musicians and helps to organize the music community. Catch their regular broadcasts on 90.5 FM in Tallahassee and consider... Read More »

  • What the heck do I do around my new FAMU apartment during this pandemic?

    While it is always exciting to attend Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, the current global pandemic has created an uncertain, foggy atmosphere. All anybody knows for sure is there doesn't seem to be much to do! If you find yourself bored in the apartment and you're in the apartment bored, don't fret. There are a myriad of things to do around your FAMU apartment that can boost your morale while keeping you and those around you healthy. Support Local Eats! During this quiet time,... Read More »

  • How can I make my FAMU apartment better for remote instruction?

    I can definitely appreciate your concern in making your apartment better for elearning. Many people prefer to attend their lectures in person - when you moved into one of the apartments near FAMU, you likely chose it because of its proximity to your classes. Since, according to the State University System of Florida, "remote instruction will continue through the end of the Spring semester at each state university," Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University included, it's important to make... Read More »

You can find
Student Apartments

Tallahassee is home to several colleges and universities, so there are plenty of options to choose from when you want to live in apartments near FAMU. That sort of Rattler student-oriented community is one in which you'll be able to truly thrive.

You can find
Roommate Matching

Everyone wants to live with someone they can get along with! Fortunately, there are many apartments near FAMU that make this easier than ever by offering a roommate matching process. This way, you can easily find a roommate you click with and avoid apartment drama.

You can find easy
Transportation to FAMU

Don't let transportation stop you from living in an apartment near FAMU. Take the Venom Express Shuttle Service to easily get from your off-campus apartment to Florida A & M. The shuttle runs while classes are in session and are available for all students, staff, and faculty.

You can find
Individual Leases

There is enough to worry about as a student without concerning yourself with whether or not your roommates are going to pay their rent. By choosing apartments near FAMU with individual leases, focus on your own responsibilities and stop worrying about your roommate.