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    Find 4-Bedroom Apartments Near FSU

    4 Bedrooms Near FSU

    Four-bedroom apartments near FSU are a popular choice amongst students. Multiple bedrooms are ideal for groups of friends or families seeking spacious, yet private floorplans and a community atmosphere. Students looking to live near Florida State University may also prefer a 4-bedroom apartment to save on rent and take advantage of student-friendly amenities like public transportation, roommate matching services, a pool or a fitness center. Larger units are very versatile, suited to meet the needs of nearly every lifestyle.

    Benefits of a 4-Bedroom Student Apartment

    Four-bedroom apartments are more efficient and less expensive for those looking to split the rent with a few friends. These spacious apartments also come in a variety of different layouts, many of which include two or more bathrooms and extra storage space. The extra space makes home life more comfortable and creates an added element of privacy. With a wide-range of available amenities and convenient location, 4-bedroom Tallahassee apartments work really well for several different living situations.  

    Cost of a 4-Bedroom Apartment Near FSU

    The first step in choosing your new home is to evaluate your needs, lifestyle preferences and budget. Whether you're looking to share the apartment with a few roommates or make it your own with a guest room and an office, keeping budget in mind is key. Determine how much you want to spend on living expenses including utilities like water, electric, cable, Wi-Fi and pest control. Will you have access to a washer and dryer and fitness center, or are these expenses you'll have in addition to your rent? Be sure to keep these budgetary factors in mind as you're searching for your new digs. Students looking to save on living expenses may find a joint lease most desirable, as each room will cost less. However, if you're hesitant to share financial responsibility with your new roommates, an individual lease may be the better route.

    Choosing Roommates in a 4-Bedroom Student Apartment

    If you're planning on living with roommates, talk with communities in the area to see if they offer a roommate matching service. Since Tallahassee is home to a heavy student population, many apartments in the area make this service available. Whether you're using a matching service or searching for roommates on your own, be sure to first consider your lifestyle, habits and schedule. For a happy living situation, you want to ensure that you and your future roommates are compatible and that you can agree on things like pets, noise level, smoking vs. non-smoking and cleaning responsibilities. The best roommates are those that you can trust and that you enjoy spending time with. Look for something you have in common whether it be a similar hobby or the fact that you both have cats.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I find roommates for 4 bedroom apartments near FSU?

    Most student housing communities in the FSU area make it easy to find people to live with because they offer roommate matching programs! Once you're ready to sign a lease, you'll be asked to fill out a roommate matching form that will ask questions about your personal habits, major, cleanliness level, schedule, and lifestyle. Be sure to answer these questions as honestly as possible - it might be a good idea to fill out this form privately (without Mom or Dad looking over your shoulder). You can also search for apartments with roommate matching to see which apartments offer this service.

    Will utilities be included with the monthly rent in 4 bedroom apartments?

    Many of the student apartments near FSU include utilities like electricity, water, cable, and internet in the monthly rent. This can vary by apartment community, so you'll want to double check what is included before you commit and sign your lease. You can use the search on RentTally to find apartments with utilities included. Just locate the "Internet, Cable, and Utilities" filter on the 4 bedroom search page and check off the options for electricity and water.

    What living areas are shared in 4 bedroom student apartments?

    In a 4 bedroom apartment near FSU, you'll share the common area with your roommates. This includes the living room, kitchen, dining area, laundry, and patio/balcony. Most student apartments offer individually locking bedroom doors, which means you will be provided with an individual key that gives you exclusive access to your bedroom, bathroom, closet, and all of your personal belongings. 

    What happens if my roommate doesn't pay his/her rent in our 4 bedroom apartment?

    When you sign an individual lease for a 4 bedroom apartment near FSU, you will not be responsible for your roommates' finances. To find individually leased apartments, you'll need to look for apartments that list their rent by the room (rather than by the entire apartment). When it comes time to sign your lease, ask the leasing team about rent responsibility and what will happen if one of your roommates is late on rent - they can help explain the lease and what you are committing to.

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