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    Smoke Free Apartments

    Smoke Free Apartments

    Smoke Free Apartments in Tallahassee

    The startling anti-tobacco commercials are enough to get anyone to think twice about smoking. And that’s exactly what has apartment communities and the state of Florida implementing smoke free apartments in Tallahassee.

    Offering smoke free apartments in Tallahassee is just one more extra perk communities are looking to offer their residents. No more dodging cigarette butts in your flip flops as you walk home from class, no more holding your breath as you pass people lighting up in the breezeway, and no more smoke wafting into your apartment from the neighbors downstairs! It’s enough to come home after a night out on the town smelling like smoke, but now you don’t have to put up with that at your apartment. There are many benefits to living in a smoke free apartment whether it’s to have a fresh-smelling apartment worthy of a Febreze commercial or to keep secondhand smoke out of your lungs!

    For apartment residents, secondhand smoke can be a major concern. It’s quite sneaky, drifting in from other apartments and common areas and making its way through doorways, walls, porches, ventilation systems, and even electrical lines and plumbing! This is why many communities have decided on smoke free apartments in Tallahassee as it can be costly to clean up after a smoking tenant.

    Besides the benefit of smoke free apartments in Tallahassee, you have the advantage of knowing the carpet and walls of your dwelling haven’t absorbed harmful toxins from cigarette smoke from the previous renters. Who wants their closet to reek like smoke? And if you’ve felt weird in the past asking your visiting friends or roommates to not smoke in your apartment this gives you the perfect excuse to tell your nicotine-loving friends to stash their smokes while they are visiting your apartment.

    And if you are a smoker, this may be just the incentive to help you break the habit. It’s a tough one to break, but if you want to live in some of the nicer smoke free apartments in Tallahassee, you may just have to send that smoking habit to the curb so you can move in. Who wants to be denied an awesome place to live just because you smoke? And if you or your friends have allergies, this amenity is definitely an added benefit to help you cut down on the Claritin. In addition, FSU is going smoke free beginning in January 2014 so it makes sense that apartments are following this new student code of conduct as well.

    So sit back and relax in your smoke free Tallahassee apartment, and know your nose (and lungs) won’t be interrupted by secondhand smoke from neighbors and that the path to your apartment door won’t be littered with cigarette butts.

    Watch a Video on Smoke Free Apartments from the American Lung Association

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