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Best TCC Off Campus Housing

Best TCC Off Campus Housing

As you prepare to start school at Tallahassee Community College and move to Tallahassee, we know off campus housing is at the top of your mind. Moving to a new city and starting at a new school can be intimidating, but there's so much opportunity to grow and learn! We've put together a list of pros of living in TCC off campus housing highlighting our thoughts on the opportunities and benefits waiting for you.

Perks of Choosing Off-Campus Housing at TCC

Deciding to attend Tallahassee Community College (TCC) is an incredible step towards your future career and self. Tallahassee Community College allows you to explore career options and helps guide you along the way. TCC provides career services advising you on topics from picking a major to developing a plan to finding an internship to transitioning to full-time employment! Many students also opt to start out at TCC thanks to the TCC2FSU program. This program allows students who've earned an Associate of Arts degree from TCC to easily transfer to FSU and earn their bachelor's degree.


As all of the major schools in Tallahassee are located in Southwest Tallahassee, many off campus housing options near TCC are also home to students of Florida State University (FSU) and Florida Agricultural Mechanical University (FAMU). Vice versa, many FSU off campus housing options are also home to TCC students. The benefit of all three schools being located near each other is as a TCC student, you have plenty of off campus housing options, ranging in prices, floor plans, and amenity offerings!

Student-Friendly Features

If you're nervous about moving to Tallahassee without knowing anyone else, take comfort in the fact that most off campus housing near TCC offers roommate matching. Roommate matching gives you the opportunity to be roomed with students who attend a different school, allowing you to network and make friends. One of the most exciting and formative parts of college is meeting people of different interests and skills and getting to know your roommates is part of that journey!

Adjust to College Life in Tallahassee

When attending TCC, you'll get adjusted to the college student lifestyle quickly without all the pressure of starting at a university right away. For instance, many TCC off campus housing communities have bus stops within or right outside for your commute to campus. You'll get acquainted with the same Seminole Express Shuttle bus routes you'll be taking if you one day decide to transfer to FSU!

When living in off campus housing near TCC, you can live the Seminole lifestyle and take advantage of a great location! With TCC and FSU being just 5-10 minutes away from each other, you can easily attend big football games at the Doak Campbell Stadium or enjoy nightlife geared towards students with your new roommates and friends. TCC students enjoy an amazing location and all of the same college lifestyle perks as FSU students.

Ease of Transferring from Tallahassee Community College

If you do end up transferring to FSU in the future, you can potentially avoid the hassle of a move if you live in a community that's close to both FSU and TCC! TCC off campus housing is conveniently close to both campuses which helps you have a smooth transition from school to school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can TCC students live in FSU dorms?

While TCC students cannot live in FSU dorms, there are plenty of off campus housing options in the TCC area. FSU and TCC campuses are just a 5-10 minute drive from each other, so many FSU off campus housing options are home to TCC students! Additionally, even though TCC students are not permitted to live in FSU dorms, they can access FSU libraries and most facilities with their TCC school ID.

How do most students living in off campus housing commute to TCC campus?

Most students who live in off campus housing near TCC ride the bus or drive their cars to get to class. Parking at TCC is open and free to students in all designated student lots on the main campus, as well as in the parking garage. For students who don't have a car or don't want to deal with parking, they ride the StarMetro, Tallahassee's bus system. The Seminole Express and Night Nole are two other options in the Tallahassee area providing transportation primarily on the FSU campus, but also to, from, and around the surrounding areas.

Will I be roommate matched with other TCC students?

Off campus housing communities roommate match based on your answers to a set of questions about your lifestyle, ranging from questions like "what do you like to keep the thermostat at?" to "are you a night owl or morning person?" to "how often do you have friends over?" Based on your answers, communities can assess what atmosphere you're looking for with your roommates, whether that be a social apartment where you host friends all the time or a quiet and clean apartment where you keep to yourself. Therefore, there is a possibility you'll be matched with students from FSU or FAMU considering all three schools' proximity to one another. Living with students from other schools is a great opportunity to network and meet new people!

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