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Pet Friendly FSU

When moving away to attend college at Florida State University for the first time, what's better than bringing along your best friend? Of course we could be talking about your bestie since elementary school or a sibling, but we are actually referring to Fido or Fluffy! If you are interested in bringing along your dog or cat to help with the everyday stresses of college life, you're in luck! There are many pet friendly apartments near FSU for you to choose from and many of them have great amenities made especially with your best friend in mind.

Pet Friendly Apartments near FSU: Policies and Fees

Pet friendly FSU apartments exist in a wide variety of different communities. Ranging from the luxurious to the more traditional student housing, these communities understand the importance of bringing your pet along with you when you move. Keep in mind that these apartments may vary on the type, size, breed…even species permitted! For instance, many communities will restrict the size of dog you are allowed to have to a certain weight. Many communities may restrict the breed too, and will not allow certain types that may be known to be aggressive. Even then, some communities will enforce a maximum number of pets allowed in each apartment. Keep that in mind if you have more than one pet. Just be sure to check with any potential community on their pet policies before signing a lease.

Pet friendly apartments near FSU may require a pet deposit upon moving in. This is collected just in case your pet does any damage to the unit prior to the termination of your lease. Some of these deposits are refundable, while others are not.  Your community may also charge pet rent on top of your monthly rent for the apartment. Sometimes they will charge you per pet, while other times they may just lump all of the pets into one payment. Some communities may not even charge a fee at all! Just be sure to do your homework and know your budget before signing any paperwork.

When searching for pet friendly FSU apartments, be sure to keep the needs of your furry friend in mind as well as yours. What type of amenities will be beneficial for your pet? If you have a cat, all you may need to look out for is a nice, sunny window or a beautiful balcony for him or her to relax on. If you have a more high-maintenance pet, such as a dog, you may need to make sure your new community has the appropriate amenities. Most dogs will require exercise, so making sure that your new community has a dog park or a nature trail for daily walks may be very important to you.

Pet friendly apartments near FSU may be the best bet for you if you are set on bringing your pet with you to your new home. If you have roommates or are thinking about getting roommates, make sure you clear it with them before signing a lease. You want to make sure that whoever you end up living with is ok with an animal being in the apartment and that they're not allergic. Communication is key when it comes to living with others, and being up front and honest about your pet situation will make everything easier in the long run. 

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