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Studio Apartments in Tallahassee, FL


Find Studio Apartments in Tallahassee

Studios apartments are the smallest kind of rental unit offered by apartment communities. Usually they are the least expensive as well. Studio apartments in Tallahassee are best suited and often most preferred by single young adults living on their own for the first time. However, they are a popular choice for anyone who wants to save money and who doesn’t need a lot of space.

Studio apartment designs usually consist of a single large room that serves as the bedroom, living room, and dining room. Sometimes however, the bedroom and the rest of the apartment are separated. The kitchen is usually located in a corner of the main room or off to the side in a smaller separate room. The bathroom is usually its own small room off to the side. Some studios at Tallahassee apartments even have shared bathrooms with other units, like dorms or European hostels. Studio apartments in Tallahassee can range between 400-600 square feet. However, European hostels are much smaller and used as temporary means of living for foreign students and travelers.

When living in a studio apartment, organization and managing your space effectively are key. Efficiency in the way you store your things is important – find ways to increase your effective space by using things like door-mounted shoe racks to store your shoes. Using furniture like footstools that have a dual purpose like for storing your linens is a smart way to decorate and organize your things. But do keep in mind that everything that you are able to store in a vertical space takes up less room on the floor. Door hangers are a great way to store your bathrobes, coats and even towels.

Don’t get too carried away with trying to cram everything into your studio apartment in Tallahassee. If it is too packed or cluttered, living there can get stressful. Also, a studio may not be the right choice for everyone. If you like a large living space and a large kitchen, the studio apartment isn’t right for you. You can still cook a good meal and entertain your friends, but it might get cramped. Managing your space is super important if you plan on having people at your studio apartment in Tallahassee. It can be difficult to coordinate a space that is both suitable for your day-to-day living as well as entertaining friends and family.

Because of the small sized nature of studio apartments, they tend to get messy very quickly. While living in a studio, taking the initiative about keeping your space clean and uncluttered is important. Cups, dishes, large cooking tools and other things that accumulate on shelf and table space will add up more quickly than they would in a larger home. Taking the opportunity every day to keep your studio apartment in Tallahassee neat and organized on a daily basis will make living in a smaller area less stressful and make cleaning days a less burdensome and rigorous chore.

Living in studio apartments in Tallahassee can drive the normal person a little stir-crazy. So, make it a habit to get out often and take a break from the small place. Many studios are located in urban areas, so take the chance to try out different restaurants, shops, or go visit your friends. The key to being happy in a small studio apartment is to manage space effectively, stay clean and organized, and to get out when you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do studio apartments have a bedroom?

Most studio apartments do not include a separate bedroom. Studios are typically made up of one shared room for your kitchen, living room and bedroom space, along with a full bathroom. It's rare, but some larger studios may use a half wall, or even a full wall, to separate your bedroom space. If you are looking for a bit more space, you can research these one-bedroom apartments on RentTally.

Will there be a washer and dryer in my studio apartment?

To save space, many studio floor plans will not include a washer and dryer in the apartment. If your studio apartment does include a washer and dryer, it will likely be a smaller stackable set. Many communities that do not include a washer and dryer in your apartment will provide an onsite laundry facility where you can wash and dry your clothes. Use the filters on RentTally to find apartments with laundry facilities on site.

What appliances are included with a studio apartment?

Some communities will include a full appliance package in their studio apartments, while others may not include a dishwasher and/or microwave to save space. We suggest that you call the community to confirm what appliances are included in their studio floor plan before you sign your leas.

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