Southwest Tallahassee Apartments

Southwest Tallahassee Apartments

Find Apartments in Southwest Tallahassee

Want to live in Southwest Tallahassee? The area of Southwest Tallahassee is primarily the area bordered by Tharpe Street on the north, Orange Avenue on the south, Monroe street on the east, and Capital Circle on the west. This locality is great place to find a place to stay and live. Apartments in Southwest Tallahassee allow for a very functional experience, as it is a short drive from the city’s center and from both FAMU and FSU campus. If this convenient location does not suit what you are looking for, you can try searching out options in other areas of Tallahassee.

Apartments in Southwest Tallahassee: Lease Types

There is a wide range of styles and leasing options for apartments in Southwest Tallahassee. Looking for a lease within a certain price range? Not a problem. Apartments in this area can range from $300 to over $2000. You can find 2 bedroom compact apartments, or choose your range from 1—4 bedrooms. Bathrooms typically range from 1-3. There are options for long term and short term lease. Many apartments cater to a lifestyle that is ‘on the go’, and can be very convenient to college students. Likewise, for those that are looking for a more settled experience, can find options to make Tallahassee their home. Some Southwest Tallahassee apartments include options for pets, while there are some that do not. Hence, it is important to keep this factor in mind when searching.

Apartments in Southwest Tallahassee: Features and Amenities

The apartments in Southwest Tallahassee offer plenty of different amenities to make you feel right at home. Plenty of places have community grills near the apartment pool. Thus you can easily put together a gathering and socialize with the community. However, other Southwest Tallahassee apartments do have an option for you to use your own grill. So, whenever you feel like it, you can grill away. Some apartments in Southwest Tallahassee also have options for in-apartment washers and dryers. Other apartments have a lobby for guests to use a community laundry. You can be the judge of pricing and convenience to decide what you want. Some Southwest Tallahassee apartments come with a tv/cable and internet package included. This means monthly payment options just became easier. There are options for sports facilities, such as tennis courts, jogging routes, basketball courts, and, of course, plenty of swimming pools. You can pick and choose your appliances, such as dishwashers, gas ranges, and microwaves. Some apartments even come with extra storage room and oversized closets. Finally, you can customize the amount of home furnishings you want (such as ceiling fans, hardwood and tile, and he amount of furniture provided).

More about Apartments in Southwest Tallahassee

Apartments in Southwest Tallahassee are near the interstate route and can border the outer areas of the city. This can prove very useful for those needing to travel frequently. Similarly, there are locations that are close to places of interest, such as downtown Tallahassee, shopping centers, and university/college campuses. Because of its prime location, almost all of the apartments are included in the Star Metro Tallahassee bus system. This eases the cost of living and transportation. Another thing to consider is the proximity to areas you want to be near. Many people may be looking for a place close to their area of work. Hence, looking for an apartment near Monroe Street would be ideal, as most major job locations are there. On the other hand, if you are looking for shopping centers , then it would be best to consider how close to them you would want to live. The apartment search can be likened to a search to fit a type of lifestyle. It is wise to consider what type of amenities you would like to enjoy, as well as how big of a Southwest Tallahassee apartment you need, and the rent you are looking to pay. This website can help you narrow your search based on search criteria you determine. If you cannot find exactly what you want, you can still search by setting the most important criteria first, and then adding more specifications later on.

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