Apartments with Short Term Leases in Tallahassee, FL

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Apartments with Short Term Leases in Tallahassee, FL

Apartments with Short Term Leases

Whether you're moving to the area for a short-term job, internship, study abroad or work program, there are several short-term apartment options in Tallahassee. If you can't commit to a standard 12 month lease, a short-term lease will give you more flexibility so you're not tied down. Alternatively, a short-term lease may be ideal for someone interested in scoping out a city before committing to moving there. Regardless of your reasons, the bottom line is that Tallahassee apartments with short-term leases offer a flexibility that traditional leases do not. A variety of time frames are available but generally short-term leases come in three, six or nine months. Month-to-month leases and corporate rentals are also available options for the mobile renter.

What You Get With a Short-Term Lease

When you're on the apartment hunt, keep the little extras in mind. We're not talking about stale bagels and sub par coffee in the lobby but amenities like an in-unit washer and dryer, hot tub, luxury fitness center and walk-in closets. If you've survived through a Florida summer, then you know that the weather, while enjoyable, can be pretty brutal. One of the best ways to combat this weather is by taking advantage of the community pool, sundeck, and grilling areas, common amenities in Tallahassee apartments. Apartment features and community amenities can make all the difference in the world. Consider the things that'll make your life easier and more enjoyable. For instance, if you enjoy exercising you may prefer an apartment with a complimentary fitness center. This will save you time and money, avoiding the cost of an expensive gym membership. 

Fine Print and Details on Short-Term Leases

Short term leases tend to be pricier than their traditional lease counterparts. As with any lease agreement, it's important that you read it carefully and understand all associated costs. If you have any questions, ask a member of the property management team. They're there to guide you through the policies and procedures that may get convoluted in the leasing agreement. It is important to note if there are any fees associated with ending your lease early, especially if you think it is likely your stay in Tallahassee may be cut short. If that is the case, a month-to-month or corporate rental may be a more appropriate option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short term apartment lease in Tallahassee?

Typically, a short term lease lasts six months or less. You can find apartment homes that offer leases for 1, 3, 6, and 9 months or even month to month options. If you know you'll be relocating or only living in the Tallahassee community for a short time, a short term lease is a great option.

Why do short term leases in Tallahassee cost more?

There are costs associated with turning an apartment for a new renter, as most apartment units must be cleaned, painted, and steam cleaned to get the space ready for the next resident. If you plan to rent your apartment for less than 12-months, the cost to prepare your apartment for the next resident and remarket the apartment must be incorporated into the cost of the rent. Short term premiums will differ depending on which apartment community in Tallahassee you choose, current availability, and the lease length you select. Be sure to ask the leasing agent about short term premiums if you are looking for a shorter apartment stay.

The Tallahassee apartment I want has no short term leases available. Why is that?

Apartment communities are typically capped for the number of short term leases they are allowed to offer. At certain times of the year, they may be more likely to have shorter leases available. For example, a lot of renters have lease end dates in May since the summer is a popular time for move-outs which may result in more availability of short-term leases. Our tip for you is to be patient and call a few apartment communities to ask about their availability for short term leases.

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