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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best breweries near my Tallahassee apartment?

    The charming city of Tallahassee is stepping up its game and embracing the rising craft beer scene – and we couldn't be more excited! Locals can quench their thirst and toast to the good times with a cold, refreshing brew from one of the Tallahassee's local breweries. Expand your palette with a variety of different ales, lagers, malts, porters, and stouts, all while cheering on your favorite sports team at the bar, challenging your friends to a round of cornhole, or sampling delicious... Read More »

  • I’m an art enthusiast at heart. Where might I find some art exhibits near my Tallahassee apartment?

    Tallahassee has an abundance of beautiful art, but you have to know where to look! Whether you like to look at traveling art exhibits or check out local artists in your neighborhood, your Tallahassee apartment is just minutes away from several great exhibits. After all, there's always something going on in the art world!Railroad Square Art ParkRailroad Square Art Park is an area of restored industrial warehouses that sits on 10 acres. More than 50 studios, small shops and galleries call... Read More »

  • How can guests enter my apartments in Tallahassee if it is a gated community?

    Many residents are interested in exclusive apartment living and opt for gated Tallahassee apartments. Benefits to gated communities include the increased sense of security, reduced traffic, reduced number of solicitors, and general come with a stricter community with other similar rules and regulations. Residents looking for quiet apartments and luxury apartments will probably find this amenity offered in conjunction with those. If this is something you are interested in, you may be wondering... Read More »

  • What is the job market like in Tallahassee?

    Thinking about moving into a new apartment in Tallahassee and want to know more about the job market? Tallahassee's job market has experienced a lot of change over the years, but its future is looking bright. In June of 2018, Wallet Hub ranked Tallahassee 61 out of 135 overall for the best city in Florida to find a job. On a national scale, they rank 106 out of 182. In terms of earnings, Payscale ranked Tallahassee's average salary at $41,047 per year with a cost of living at less than 4% of... Read More »

  • Can you give some advice for a first time Tallahassee apartment renter?

    Moving out onto your own for the first time can be a terrifying and exhilarating experience. Tallahassee is a huge town and it is easy to get lost amongst the chaos of the big city. However, it can also be the perfect place for a first time apartment renter to grow and flourish in the big city of Tallahassee. Tallahassee apartments can be ideal for those moving out on their own for the first time, but it's always important to remember to follow a few particular steps to make your Tallahassee... Read More »

  • Where is the Frenchtown Historic District in Tallahassee?

    Located just over a mile northeast of FSU, Tallahassee's Frenchtown Historic District offers a wealth of historical and cultural significance. Looking back in time, Frenchtown, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tallahassee, was once called home by Native Americans, it was explored by Spanish conquistadors, and in the 1900s it served as a battle ground for African-Americans seeking equality. This small, beautiful Tallahassee neighborhood is also known for its authentic jazz music and its... Read More »

  • When should I begin my college apartment search?

    When it comes to apartment hunting, timing is everything – especially when you're looking for the perfect Tallahassee student apartment. With a heavy student demographic and a consistent flow of new residents, knowing which steps to take and when to take them will guarantee that you don't miss out on your dream Tallahassee apartment. So, when should you start shopping for your college apartment? With a few tips and a well-thought-out timeline, finding your new apartment home will be... Read More »

  • How can I keep my Tallahassee apartment electricity bill low during the summer?

    Every year after residents receive their first electricity bill, leasing offices and question boards receive an influx of questions, "Why was my electricity bill so high?" or "What is the average monthly utility bill in a Tallahassee apartment?" If you received your first bill and are surprised by the amount, the best first step is to identify if this bill includes an activation or setup fee. We suggest contacting the utility company for an itemized bill to identify if a setup or activation... Read More »

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