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Apartments with Roommate Matching

Apartments with Roommate Matching

Tallahassee Apartments with Roommate Matching

Many renters looking for Tallahassee apartments are typically students attending Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College, Florida A&M University, or young professionals on a budget. Sometimes living on a budget makes finding housing a particularly tricky experience. However, if you choose to live with roommates, this could help with your financial situation as roommates split rent and additional apartment fees like electricity or cable.

The big question is: who do you live with? Some people have friends or family members whom they could share their new apartment with. However, you may be new to the area and not know many people. Lucky for you, most student apartments near FSU, FAMU, and TCC offer roommate matching.

Finding an Apartment with Roommate Matching

Your first step on your apartment and roommate hunt is to search for Tallahassee apartments with roommate matching. These types of communities offer residents an opportunity to find the best roommates possible to fit their lifestyles. Whether you're the type that prefers quiet so that you can relax, read, or study or if you're the type that loves to party, watch TV, and have fun; roommate matching will find the perfect fit for your personality.

When searching for your new home, use the RentTally search tools to find communities based on different criteria including rent, number of bedrooms, lease length, and whether they offer roommate matching. This process makes finding a Tallahassee apartment with roommate matching a quick and easy thing to do.

Roommate Matching for FSU Students

Most apartments near FSU offer roommate matching. The process is simple – on your application, you'll fill out a section of lifestyle questions and leasing teams use your answers to match you up with people they feel you'd along with. These questions range from "how clean are you?" to "what do you prefer to keep the thermostat at?" to "how often do you have friends over?" Roommate matching in apartments near FSU is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Additionally, roommate matching gives FSU students the opportunity to potentially meet and live with FAMU or TCC students – students they likely wouldn't have met otherwise!

Roommate Matching for FAMU Students

Similar to apartments near FSU, most apartments near FAMU also offer roommate matching! FAMU students also fill out a section on their application of lifestyle questions to help leasing teams understand their personalities and living preferences. As FAMU is a smaller university located nearby both FSU and TCC campuses, it's quite typical that FAMU students are matched up with FSU or TCC students.

Benefits of Roommate Matching

Roommate matching for Tallahassee apartments is not only financially beneficial in that residents can save money by splitting expenses, but it also helps with meeting new friends or study partners. If you need a favor, like a ride to work or class, having a helpful roommate is also a great asset. Additionally, if security is a concern for you, having a roommate sometimes helps residents feel more comfortable living on their own away from their family home. Try our helpful search tool and let it help you find the perfect Tallahassee apartment with roommate matching.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is roommate matching?

Roommate matching is a service provided by a lot of student communities that offer individual leases near FSU and FAMU. If you aren't planning to share an apartment with friends, let the community know and they will use a lifestyle questionnaire to help place you with other students that have similar habits, personalities and lifestyles.

Do all apartments offer roommate matching?

Most student apartments near FSU and FAMU that lease individual bedrooms in 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments will offer roommate matching services free of charge. If you plan to rent an apartment with a joint lease (where you lease the entire apartment), you will need to find friends to share the apartment with and be prepared to work together to pay the whole portion of the rent.

How will I be matched with a roommate?

Communities that offer roommate matching will provide you will a questionnaire to complete. Topics you can expect to find include lifestyle questions, cleanliness habits, academic majors, etc. It's important to answer these questions honestly so you can be matched with the best fit(s) to share an apartment together.

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