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Furnished Apartments in Tallahassee, FL

Furnished Apartments

With Tallahassee being home to 3 universities, you will find a plethora of furnished apartments. If you are only renting for a few years, it could be beneficial to save your furniture budget for a future home purchase rather than buying smaller furniture to fit a temporary space. Many apartments in Tallahassee, particularly those geared toward the student market, offer furniture packages with fully furnished common areas and bedrooms. Furnished apartments in Tallahassee usually cost a bit more than unfurnished apartments, but can save you the hassle of purchasing temporary furniture and renting a moving truck for move-in and move-out day.

What to Expect in Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments in Tallahassee typically include furniture in both the common area and bedrooms. Please keep in nmind, each apartment community's furniture package is different so you'll want to ask specific questions about which furniture pieces shown in the model apartment will come included with your rental. Common area furniture may include couches, end tables, coffee table, tv stand (and sometimes even a TV!), barstools, and a table with chairs. Bedroom furniture typically includes a bedframe with mattress, night stand, dresser, and a desk with a chair. 

Be sure to take an inventory of the apartment furniture on move-in day and report any missing furniture to the leasing office. If you do not immediately report missing furniture, you could be charged for the replacement upon move-out. 

If you do not want the furniture that is included with your apartment, you'll need to contact the leasing office to inquire about furniture storage. Some apartment communities may require you to rent a storage unit to store unwanted furniture pieces. Whatever you do, do not donate or dispose of any unwanted furniture - you will be charged upon move-out for any missing furniture pieces. 

How to find Furnished Apartments in Tallahassee

In order to start searching for a specific type of unit, like furnished apartments in Tallahassee, residents should find out if apartments in Tallahassee offer other preferences they need for their apartment like: the rent cost, the types of preferred amenities, if it's pet-friendly, or a certain number of bedrooms. In using our easy apartment search guide, you can feel confident that you will find a furnished apartment in Tallahassee that meets your lifestyle and budget. You can use the RentTally easy apartment search guide to find apartments in Tallahassee that offer what you desire based on different options, some of which were mentioned previously, including if they offer furnished apartments. Once you've chosen all of your selections, our easy apartment search guide will populate the select furnished apartments in Tallahassee offering what you've chosen in the search guide. Depending on how specific you were in your request, you could be left with a few options for your new home or only be left with one option.

Benefits of Renting Apartments with Furniture

By renting a furnished apartment in Tallahassee as opposed another type of residence, you receive some benefits. With furnished units, there is normally a convenience in that you don't have to waste time and money shopping for furnishings which can not only be stressful but also stressful to your wallet. Additionally, furnished apartments in Tallahassee are not typically drastically more expensive so it may just be more convenient to spend a little extra money than having to worry about purchasing furniture or transporting your current furniture. An extra benefit is that some communities even offer all-inclusive rent or certain utilities in their rental rates, which offer convenience for residents so that they only have to worry about one payment a month as opposed to multiple different bills and due dates. This is another added convenience to the temporary resident or resident on a budget. If you decide you are unable to afford to rent a furnished apartment in Tallahassee, don't worry, there are alternatives! One of your choices is finding a place in Tallahassee that offers to rent furniture for a monthly fee. Some of those businesses can be very affordable and you can choose which furniture you'd like to rent as opposed to either choosing a furniture package.

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