Making Your Student Feel At Home On Move-in Day

Move-in day can be everything from bittersweet to stressful. So how do you make sure your student feels at home?

From a student’s perspective, it’s all about finding the balance between supporting and smothering. Every kid wants to be reassured that they are loved and cared for, while still being given the confidence that they are ready for this life change. Move-in day should be about celebrating the journey that they are about to embark on and sending them away with a meaningful goodbye.  

Nicely decorated bedroom

Head Out for a Supplies Run

Is it really move-in day if there isn’t a shopping trip? Once everything is unloaded, survey the space and head over to the nearby Target on West Tennessee Street for room décor and supplies. Help your student to find essentials for their living space and enjoy picking out the decorations that best suits them. Few things are more thrilling creating a space of your own: this is the time to share in that enthusiasm with your student. Impart your words of wisdom and grab some command hooks too!       

Want to make their space feel like home? 

  • Leave your student with a few family recipes 
  • Try buying the same laundry detergent or dryer sheets they used at home for a comforting scent
  • Give them a piece of home with an old family photo
  • Make sure to include items from their old room to make their new space feel familiar 
  • Get them started on groceries with some items from home

Go on a campus walking tour

While the main priority of the day is getting the living space set up, taking some time to get acquainted with the campus and surrounding area can be reassuring. After the boxes are emptied and the room starts to take shape, go on a family walking tour of campus. Follow your student’s class schedule and get them familiar with the buildings they’ll be frequenting. This will help make the first week of classes a breeze and will give the family a peak into the everyday life at college. 

Settle Down with a Family Meal

After your tour, explore local restaurant options to get your student acquainted with the nearby cuisine. This gives everyone a chance to slow down, relax and chat during a busy day. 

Try out some of these FSU student favorites close to campus:

Say See You Later

Once everyone is full and reenergized, take some time to meet any roommates and do one final check over of their new space. Check in with your student and make sure they feel like they have everything they need. Say your goodbyes, let them know you care and leave them feeling encouraged about this next chapter.

Helping your student adjust to college life does not end when you pull out of the parking lot on move-in day. Be sure to check in with your student frequently during their first few weeks at Florida State University. This could be as simple as a, “Hey, how’s it going?” text or as in-depth as a family dinner Facetime call. Every student is different, and nobody knows your student better than you do! 

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