Security Features To Look For In FSU Apartments

As a parent, knowing that your child is safe will always calm down parental nerves. Although we can’t promise safety, we can inform you and your child of important security features to consider when looking for an apartment. Below is a list of a security features you can look for in student apartments in Tallahassee:

Gated Apartment Entrance

One of the most common forms of security in the Tallahassee apartment market is the implementation of gates. The benefits to gated communities include an augmented sense of safety, increased control of visitors, and decreased number of solicitors to name a few.

Not all gated apartment entrances are the same, however. Before choosing your apartment, you should decide which gated system works best for you: 

  • The customary feature of gated communities is the gate box at the entrance. This gate box has the current list of residents so guests can scroll through or individually look up a name. Once your name is selected, the visitor is then prompted to press a button that auto-dials your phone number. The visitor will only be granted entrance if you answer the phone and press a key that signifies you allow the visitor to enter. Because the box calls your phone number, you have the control to allow visitors into your apartment complex from wherever you are.
  • If you plan on having many guests over, like family and friends, having to answer the phone every time a visitor arrives may seem a bit tedious. In that case, you may prefer to have a gate that has a keypad rather than a gate box. The benefit of the keypad is that each resident has a customized password to give to guests. All your visitor has to do is press the password you gave them, and they will be granted access into the apartment complex. 

Key Cards

Another added layer of peace of mind for your apartment could be key cards. This security feature requires a key card to enter the building, similar to some hotels. There are different extents of security associated with a key card:
  • Some buildings require a key card to get into the building, similar to what we see in dormitories on campus. In order to get inside the physical building, you either swipe or lay your keycard on the digital lock. The card stores either a physical or digital pattern that the door mechanism interprets before disengaging the lock. Without this card, you must either contact the office to let you in by showing proof of residency or rely on a roommate to open the door for you.
  • A key lock at an FSU apartment Other buildings only require the card when the resident if physically inside the building. This comes in different forms. Before getting to the hallways where the apartments are, some buildings require key card access to get into either the elevator or to enter the staircases to the hallways. In contrast, other apartments allow non-residents to roam freely in the elevators or staircases but require a key card to access the hallways where the apartments are.

At the very least, all buildings have a keycard or a physical key to enter the actual apartment. Some apartment communities have keys to get inside a resident’s bedroom. If they want to leave for a weekend for example, they can lock their bedroom to provide peace of mind that their personal belongings will remain untouched while they are away.

Roaming Security

Many of the apartments near Florida State University campus have roaming security that canvases the community after dark and on weekends, typically at times when the front office is closed. These roaming security companies act as an extra set of eyes for the apartment management team, watching out for rowdy parties, loitering, car break-ins, and more.A security camera at an FSU apartment

Security Cameras

Some of the apartments near FSU are equipped with security cameras, typically at the front entrance to the community and in common spaces. Security cameras ultimately act as a deterrent for crime, since the visible cameras make suspicious activity riskier. The cameras can also be useful for traffic incidents, for example if a resident experiences a hit and run while parked outside of their apartment.

Catch A Safe Ride Home

A security feature Florida State University offers to all their students is the beloved Night Nole. The Night Nole is a late-night transportation option. In contrast to the Seminole Express buses that get students to class until 8 pm, the Night Nole provides late night transportation until 11pm every day. Its bus route and bus tracking can be located on the FSU TransLoc app.

For more flexible options to get around Tallahassee, SAFE Connection is free and open from 7PM to 2:30 AM seven days a week. Their number is (850) 644-7233.

FSU also provides students access to Gotcha Rides, which is free. This service goes around campus and downtown. Their number is (850) 270-6787 and their hours are Monday – Thursday 7:30AM – 1:00AM, Friday 7:30AM – 3:30AM, Saturday – Sunday 10:00PM – 3:30AM.

If you are too far off campus and need a cab, the Nole Cab is only $5 and can take up to 4 people. This service is available until 4 AM, 7 days a week, and can be reached at (850) 999-9999.

Security Tips

To ensure your safety in general, a popular safety tip is to always make sure someone knows where you are, whether it’s a roommate or a quick text to your mom, a “Headed to the library to study!” text will give you the peace of mind of knowing you are accounted for. Additionally, if you have an iPhone, the “Find My Friends” app alleviate nerves of being alone with no one around. 

Security is, and always will be, a primary concern for parents and students. Make sure to look for these security features when looking for your FSU apartment!

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