Making Friends at FSU

Friends at FSU

One of the best things about college are the countless opportunities to start over. This is particularly true with making new friends. Florida State University is a melting pot of new people from all over the world! As exciting as this may be, it can also be extremely overwhelming for your student. With so many new people constantly around, it can be difficult to find a friend or a group that makes as big of a campus as Florida State University feel like home.

While your nole can’t force friendship, they can definitely seek and nurture it. Putting themselves in situations where they can meet people with similar interests and complementary personalities will make it easier to find friends. A great way to do this is by joining an FSU club. FSU has over 750 Recognized Student Organizations!

Let’s turn that overwhelming feeling into a feeling of excitement! Whether it’s their last semester or their first one, this article will give you some guidance on helping your student find ways to connect with others on FSU’s campus based on their interests.


Does your young adult find themselves enjoying creative activities? Whether it be art, fashion, or even thrifting, FSU has it all!

Strike Magazine

Strike Magazine is a “lifestyle publication founded at FSU that focuses on culture, fashion, and art.” This magazine has curated a community of creatives including models, graphic designers, photographers, and more.

Student Art Therapy

This club is focused on bringing art therapy into the community, promoting self-care to its members, attend in a national conference, and host an educational workshop in the Spring Semester the field of art therapy.

Thrifting Club

The Thrifting Club is a tight-knit community of FSU students who share an affinity for secondhand shopping and vintage. The club promotes “ethical ways to buy and donate clothing to help the environment and our local community” and teaches members how to sell secondhand clothing online. This club holds many events including “Swap Till You Drop”.

These clubs are just a few of hundreds that amalgamate creative individuals! To find more clubs that are centered around creativity, just visit FSU’s Organizations page and type their hobby into the search bar!


If your nole have an affinity for the great outdoors, the clubs below could just be perfect place for them to connect with individuals with a similar passion!

Hiking Club

The Hiking Club provides a safe place for FSU students to come together and participate in an activity they love – hiking! This club organizes various philanthropic events and go on group hikes throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama!

Seminole Scuba

The Seminole Scuba club provides FSU students the opportunity to safely dive recreationally. You do not have to be a professional! The club is geared towards student divers and snorkelers. Major Scuba equipment is provided through local licensed dive shops.

There are countless clubs centered around being outdoors! To find more clubs that are centered around appreciating the outdoors, just visit FSU’s Organizations page and type in a specific hobby into the search bar!


If your student is athletic or simply a lover of all thing’s sports, joining a sports club is a great way to meet new friends! Sports play an exceptionally important role in improving both physical and mental health all while simultaneously fostering a sense of social inclusion.

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are recreational sports organized within Florida State. They provide students the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational sports activities. There a men’s, women’s, or mixed teams for each sport. A great feature about Intramural sports is that their competitiveness varies- some teams you have to tryout and others require no previous experience, so your student can either participate in a sport they have done for years or pick up a new hobby! FSU has over 80 Intramural Sports for your nole to pick from!

To search for a specific Intramural Sport, visit FSU’s Campus Recreation page.

FSU Sports

Everyone knows that FSU has a big sports community! People from around the country cheer on FSU’s teams especially their Basketball and Football teams. If your student loves following sports, attending FSU games or watch parties is a great way to connect with other sport lovers.

To get tickets for FSU Football games, visit FSU’s Football page.

To get tickets for FSU Basketball games, visit FSU’s Basketball page.


If your student is zealous about a particular cause or political party, make sure to let them know about the political clubs on campus. Political clubs are a great way to meet like-minded friends. There are also political clubs that have the sole focus of introducing people of different political backgrounds together to learn something new. These clubs are a great outlet to meet new friends!

To find more clubs that are centered around politics, visit FSU’s Organizations page and type in their political interest into the search bar.  


Many people participant in Greek life at FSU! Along with sororities and fraternities, there are also academic Greek life that connects students with similar work-related interests such as law, medicine, or business. 

To browse the different forms of Greek life, visit FSU’s Organizations page and put “Greek” in the “Categories” tab to the left side of the site.

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