How can I better connect with other residents in my Tallahassee apartment?

Living in your Tallahassee apartment, you might have already connected with your roommates. Maybe you already knew them before you moved in, or perhaps you're just getting to know them now that you cohabitate. Maybe you found your roommates by choosing an apartment with roommate matching. However, oftentimes it is easier to emotionally connect with people who don't live in your actual apartment. Sometimes it is easier to make friends with people who live close… but not too close. You might be wondering how to better connect to the people in your building without it feeling strange or forced. Here are some tips for you. 

An Apartment with Amenities

There are so many apartment options near FSU, and many of them have the amenities that could make it easier to make friends nearby. Perhaps you want to meet people in a natural setting, in a serendipitous way. There are apartments with picnic areas, game rooms (if that piques your interest) and even fire pits. These are all natural environments where you could meet your fellow college students. It can be daunting to think about approaching someone in a public setting and speaking to them. Even if you're not trying to make friends with everyone, wikiHow has some great tips on becoming more outgoing.

Of course, you could always relax by your Tallahassee apartment pool or your community BBQ grill. There could be community events at these spots, as well. Speaking of which, there are also apartments with organized resident activities for you to get out and meet new people.

There is also the option of wandering the grounds or outdoors near your apartment building to see if anyone is around or if any events are taking place. This is especially smart to do on weekends, when people would be more available for outdoor activities.

Finding Opportunities to Connect

Many apartments have bulletin boards near the entrance or lobby. There might be ones around FSU that you could recognize, where messages and signs could be posted. If there is one, check it often for new events or notifications. Many communities have a social network, as well. Check with your housing department to see if any of your neighbors have started an online forum to connect with others. Nextdoor is a website that is often used by neighbors in a community to connect with one another through threads and chat forums.

Now, if you are more outgoing or have become more outgoing over time, you always have the choice to take charges. Perhaps you want to organize a get-together or community event. You can always invite others you meet in your building to come to your event, or speak to your apartment management to see if you could host your own event in their facilities. Reaching out and taking action will always benefit you and your goal of meeting others.

Whether you choose an apartment with common areas that you can meet people who live in your building, or whether you search for them and reach out more randomly, there are always ways to acquaint yourself with your neighbors. Best of luck making friends in your FSU apartment!

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