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Digital Brand Manager

Caroline Webb

Say hello to Caroline Webb, the Digital Brand Manager for iLS network. Caroline is a 2022 graduate from University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications. She started her journey with iLS network as a junior on the Spring 2021 internship. She began with a team of four interns from UF and FSU tasked to help improve the various websites with relevant student content. The team completed a FSU Parent Guide for and worked on gathering student survey data. After having mutual benefits from working with the team, she continued her internship and was offered a part-time position. As graduation approached, Caroline began her search for a full-time job and was offered the a full time position, and has since been promoted to Digital Brand Manager role. She now works alongside the team to keep the different websites and social medias up to date with current SEO friendly content.

Originally from Virginia, Caroline moved to Florida just before starting high school. After living in Jacksonville for a while, she found herself really missing the cold northern weather at first and was reluctant to the change. Relocating to her new town was definitely a big adjustment. Now, she can appreciate all the Florida had to offer and loved her time at the University of Florida. Since graduating, Caroline has made the move even further south to Fort Lauderdale. Caroline's many personal interests include outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and pick-up basketball. She loves being physically active after years of playing competitive basketball and volleyball, so she frequents the gym often. Finally, one of her favorite things to do is to try new recipes and cook in her apartment kitchen. She loves hosting a dinner party with friends and curating the perfect food & wine combinations.

During her apartment search in college, Caroline actually used the Swamp Rentals search engine to navigate the complicated Gainesville real estate market and find her dream apartment that checked off all her boxes. This apartment was well loved and in a great location in Gainesville. After working in the apartment industry for a few years, Caroline knew exactly what she wanted for her new place in Fort Lauderdale. On her must-haves list was an apartment gym, pool, and her own bathroom. Finding the place was the easy part, choosing how to decorate it was the hard part. Caroline loves fashion and interior design, so making a space that feels like her is important. One of her hobbies is thrifting furniture and redoing her unique finds to add character to the decor and really put her mark on it.