Any tips on finding the perfect apartment in Tallahassee?

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Brookwood Apartments offers a non-student housing option for under $1,000 a month and just minutes from Downtown Tallahassee.

Tallahassee is a little different than other cities in Florida. It is the home of FSU, FAMU and TCC, the state capitol and one of the biggest areas in the Florida panhandle right off I-10. There is a lot going on in the Leon County area. To find the perfect Tallahassee apartment you will need to first make a list of your priorities and top must haves before you begin your search. A lot of what makes a perfect apartment and home is personal preference along with what rates the highest on your list. For some, price needs to come first, some can afford to put amenities above all else and to some location is a deal breaker. is a great resource and we'll explore some of the many search options available on our website.

Let's start with what some consider an imperative item to keep in mind while searching for an apartment in Tally, which is price. With rising prices for everything to gas, food and more you need to know what your budget allows? Will you need to look outside your perfect location to fit within your budget? You can search for cheap apartments or by a price such as under $900 or under $1000. Another option that may appeal to you is all inclusive apartments. That option works great for students or others that don't want the stress of fluctuating separate monthly bills and the apartments include certain utilities all bundled in your rental fee.

Next on the list for finding the perfect housing option for most people is probably location. Do you prefer a location close to your work, a favorite gym, or nightclub? Do you plan to commute or do you prefer to live where you can walk everywhere or take public transportation? Do you need to be close to Florida State University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University or Tallahassee Community College? Explore Tallahassee Neighborhoods here for a good overview of our area. You can also search by landmarks on our website such as a location near Cascades Park or the Florida State Capitol Building.

Now for some fun! You made it past the business part of searching for an apartment with location, and price. Now let's look at apartment amenities. What is on your wish list for apartment features? Being in Florida especially during the hot summer months a swimming pool is almost a must have for us in Tallahassee. Would you make use of a fitness center? Are you looking for a furnished apartment? One that includes a washer and dryer? Will you live alone, with friends or looking for an option with roommate matching? Are you looking for a green Tallahassee apartment or does it need to be a pet friendly choice? Are you a working professional or looking for a student apartment?

As you can see the search can be overwhelming and the list can go on and on, but we hope this helps you on your journey to find the perfect apartment here in Tallahassee and takes the stress out of the whole process.

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