How can I take care of plants in my Tallahassee apartment?

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Add some color to your Seminole Trails apartment with plants!

For FSU students residing in Tallahassee apartments, there are various ways to enhance your living space beyond furry companions. While some opt for dogs or service animals, others may prefer the company of leafy green plants. Though plants may not wag tails or offer cuddles, nurturing them can be just as fulfilling. Incorporating plants into your FSU apartment not only adds a cozy touch but also brings in fresh air and a slice of nature to brighten your daily routine. Here's a guide to caring for your green friends in Tallahassee apartments.

Understanding Seasons and Weather

Before selecting a plant, it's crucial to understand its seasonal behavior. Annual plants complete their life cycle in one growing season, requiring replanting each year, while perennial plants regenerate yearly. Recognizing this helps avoid discarding dormant plants and maximizes your investment.

Considering Tallahassee's climate, characterized by heat and humidity, tropical and subtropical plants thrive best. Arid plants, however, may struggle. Indoors, you have greater control over temperature and humidity, expanding your plant options.

Placement in Your Apartment

Choosing the right spot depends on your plant's needs. Sun-loving plants flourish on patios or balconies, receiving ample light while minimizing dirt and pests indoors. Alternatively, indoor placement on windowsills suits shade-loving plants or protects against frost in winter.

Aesthetic considerations matter too. Large ferns complement room corners, while petite succulents enhance kitchen or bathroom windowsills. Customizing pots through painting or embellishments adds a personal touch and boosts decor.

Plant Care Tips

While plants don't require walks, nurturing them demands attention to detail. Research your plant's sunlight and watering needs to prevent overwatering or drought. A calendar can help schedule watering days, ensuring moderation and preventing mishaps. During winter, bringing plants indoors shields them from freezing temperatures, increasing their survival chances.

By understanding your plant's needs and integrating them into your FSU apartment, you cultivate a vibrant and refreshing living space that reflects your personality and enhances your well-being. So, why not bring a bit of greenery into your Tallahassee student life?

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