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Are you looking for FSU Apartments in Tallahassee? can help. We have the best search technology to assist Noles in finding the perfect student housing. You can search by hundreds of off campus housing options by criteria including rent price, amenities, location, and more. Each listing contains great photos along with available floor plans, specials, and current pricing.

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As an FSU student, you rely on experts in their fields to impart their knowledge to you every day. Let us do the same in regards to apartments near FSU. At, we have assembled an impressive team of experts, all local residents who know the area through and through. We've taken that dip in Westcott fountain on our 21st birthday. We've helped pack the stadium at home games. We know Florida State University. And we know FSU apartments.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the parking situation at FSU off campus housing communities – Do I need my car?

If you drive a luxury vehicle or vehicle that requires charging consider a community with a parking garage, chargers, or covered parking. The cost of parking on campus each semester can add up and if you are running late and finding a space on campus can be almost impossible! If you are looking to save money while still having your car for weekend outings, consider a community that is walking distance to campus or located along with one of the many Seminole Express bus routes. Florida State students ride free with their student ID's. Do not forget to ask if parking is included with monthly rent as it may be an additional fee.

What questions should I be asking leasing agents during my tours of off campus FSU apartments?

Keep a list of notes on your phone of important topics to bring up including furnishing options, pet policies, utility and cable bundles, roommate matching processes, resident events, guarantors, security deposits, and lease terms. Our best tip is to take photos on your phone of your top favorite features so that you can share them with your family, friend's future roommates as you make your final decision!

If my roommate does not pay their rent or damages our FSU apartment will I be responsible?

The best part about living at an off-campus student housing community near FSU is you will be signing an individual lease meaning you are solely responsible for your portion of the rent only. If damage occurs in common areas (shared spaces) such as living rooms and kitchens all roommates will be responsible unless a roommate takes sole responsibility. The responsibility of damage that occurs to your private bedroom or bathroom falls on you.

Your Apartment Questions Answered

  • What are some relaxing places to read near my FSU apartment?

    In the fast-paced, bustling capital city of Tallahassee, students attending Florida State University are always looking for new ways to relax. Whether it's going to the park, finding a new coffee spot, or cozying up at home, the one thing these places all have in common is that they are great reading destinations. If you're an avid reader and the four walls of your student apartment are just not cutting it anymore, venturing to places outside of your FSU apartment can give you the change of... Read More »

  • How to make a personal fitness space in apartments near FSU?

    If you're a college student living near Florida State University, you might have thought about using the local gyms and facilities on campus for a place to exercise, blow off some steam, and spend time working out with people you know. You might run into people you know or even struggle to use the machines you want when so many people frequent the same facilities at once. If you are the kind of person who gets frustrated having to wait to use a machine or prefers to work out alone in the... Read More »

  • What are some tips for staying cool in apartments near FSU?

    Living in the sunshine state at the Florida State University, the temperature can make it difficult to function at a normal pace. It's true people are less productive when they feel too hot. This is why air conditioning is so important in Florida. When you are living in an FSU apartment, normally air conditioning is one of the biggest utilities charges you have to pay for. With the cost of all the other living expenses, you might be looking for ways to save money and cut back on cranking up... Read More »

  • Have any roommate traditions ideas for me and my roomies in our FSU apartment?

    Having roommates at Florida State University is one of the best parts about leaving home. You get to connect with people from all over the country that want to get to know you and have the chance to experience student apartment living with you as well. When living under the same roof, you can get more acquainted with their lifestyles and find things to do together. Roommates are like built-in friends because they are quite literally always nearby when you are bored or need their support. The... Read More »

  • What are some fun day trips to take from my FSU apartment?

    Although we love our Florida State University apartments, sometimes we need to get out and explore a little bit. Luckily, north Florida is near some amazing gems, especially for any nature lovers. Whether you love water, staying on land, or want to stay near the shops, there are plenty of places to explore around Tallahassee. Even if you only have a day to explore and are on a strict budget, here are some amazing and fun day trips you and your roommates can take. Wakulla Springs Located... Read More »

  • Where is a good place to watch the Seminoles play football around my apartment near FSU?

    Fall will be here soon and we will soon welcome back FOOTBALL, a favorite pastime, especially here in Tallahassee, as we get ready to cheer on our FSU Seminoles. As you settle into your new home city, you may be wondering about an excellent place to watch FSU this season around your FSU apartment. The number one spot to watch FSU Football is of course, in person at the Bobby Bowden Field at Doak S. Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee. If your apartment is within walking distance to the FSU campus... Read More »

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Student Apartments

Tallahassee is home to many major schools, so of course this city would have plenty of options to choose from when you want to live in apartments near FSU. That sort of Seminole student-oriented community is one in which you'll be able to truly thrive.

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All-Inclusive Apartments

You have so many more important things to focus your brain power toward instead of worrying if you paid all of the bills at the right time. Make things easier and less stressful on yourself by choosing to live in apartments near FSU that are all-inclusive.

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Roommate Matching

If you don't plan to live in a one bedroom apartment near FSU, you're going to need roommates. Everyone wants to live with someone they can get along with! Fortunately, there are many apartments near FSU that make this easier than ever by offering a roommate matching process.

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Furnished Apartments

Furniture is expensive, especially when you need to furnish a whole apartment! Respect your student budget by opting to live in FSU apartments that are already furnished. This is an easy way to have a great set of furniture in every room without breaking the bank.