How can I expand my storage space in my Tallahassee apartment?

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More than storage space, organizing that space is important!

While living in your Tallahassee apartment, you might have realized that you own a lot of stuff. It can be important for you to find an apartment in Tallahassee with storage space. Even when an apartment has ample storage space already (and even if you aren't a hoarder), you might benefit from tips on how to expand your "organizational playground".

If you do not already have a furnished Tallahassee apartment, then furniture is an essential way to expand storage space. Some furniture is designed specifically to store or display, such as a shelf or bookcase, but other items are household necessities. For instance, you could purchase a coffee table that extends to reveal storage space within, or has storage underneath.

While living in Tallahassee, you could check out the Tallahassee Discount Furniture store if you also want to save money. Otherwise, the Amazon website is an especially good choice when looking for reliable, creative furniture. You can also create an Amazon Prime membership for quick shipping and easy returns.

For your television, not only can you find a storage-filled tv stand, you can also find a stud-less television mount, so you don't have to make any holes in the wall (because you are renting). Then you can use the top of the tv stand for display! Amazon also has options for items like these. Finding creative ways to maximize your use of space is important. The Simplify Your Space YouTube channel is a great place to find house organization tips and DIY projects.

If you have a bed that sits a little farther from the ground, you can put storage devices underneath. You could also build and place drawers under the bed frame if the bed is quite low. IKEA has great options for this feature. This would be an especially good decision if you are sick of dirt and dust under the bed, or if you are one to unconsciously slip things underneath the bed, only to never find them again.

If you find an apartment with a patio or balcony, you could place storage cabinets out there, if allowed by your apartment management. Also, don't forget your most valuable storage space: your closet. Not only could you add temporary rods to create a double-decker hanging setup, but you could purchase vacuum seal bags for clothes that will be stored and not worn every day. So many shelves, organizers and tricks can be placed in or used in your closet to maximize your clothing area. Hanging cloth shelves could also help with eliminating your need for a formal dresser. One less piece of storage furniture makes room for a different one that might be more necessary.

Lastly, I want to stress the importance of your walls when it comes to creating storage. Remember to be careful with the structure of your walls as we don't want to damage them. Over-the-door hangers (or hanging shoe holders, for instance) are great choices for storage that is always handy and close-by.

Whether it's hanging storage, making use of nooks and crannies, or getting necessary furniture that contains extra storage space, there are always new tips and tricks to follow to keep your Tallahassee apartment organized!

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