I love retro finds. Where can I shop vintage near FSU apartments?

If you're a student of Florida State University looking for cheap FSU apartments, then one way you probably save money is by buying used. Used clothing and furniture comes with a significant markdown in price, and you can often find items that are just as good quality as their brand-new counterparts. Older clothes were built to last, and even used pieces can last a long time! Buying used is also a sensible choice; it's great for the environment, cutting down on waste due to fast fashion.

Along with the price advantage, many people are shopping for used clothing and items because they appreciate the vintage style. In a world where fashion is constantly evolving and history repeats itself, clothes that your parents or grandparents wore are coming back in style! As for vintage furniture, interior decorator enthusiasts love to fill their furnished apartments with retro furniture pieces to give their homes a warm and fun atmosphere. If this sounds appealing to you, or you'd like to be more mindful about your spending, this article will provide some places near FSU apartments where you can go hunting for vintage items.

Shopping Vintage Clothing near Florida State University 

If you're looking for somewhere to pick up a new vintage statement piece and you live at apartments near FSU, you have a lot of options. There are multiple vintage clothing stores in the Railroad Square Arts District alone! The Other Side Vintage is a store that you can wander through for hours exploring their expansive collection of vintage clothes, furniture, and household items. Wonsaponatime offers retro clothing that stand the test of time and charming accessories, and Olde Fields Clothing is the place to go if you're looking for unique FSU and FAMU shirts. 

As for the rest of the city, Picked is a vintage clothing store in College Town that caters to FSU and FAMU students with vintage school tees and merch, plus a selection of pins, stickers and artwork catered to students. Avant-Garb is a locally owned business with vintage shoes and accessories as well as other items, and next to it is Diva's and Devil's, a specialty boutique for womens clothing praised for its unique style, but with a higher price range. 

Shopping Vintage Furniture

Modern interior design tends to have a monochrome, simple design that can feel bland or oppressive. Spice things up with some vintage furniture! When it comes to quality solid wood furniture or luxurious plush seating, they simply don't make things like they used to. There are several places by apartments near FSU where you can pick up the vintage statement piece that will really bring your apartment together. 

Centsible Style, located on Capital Circle, offers vintage home decor, furniture, and accessories. Here, creative employees help their customers brainstorm layouts and play to their home's strengths. Pop's Attic is another store on Capital Circle where you can browse reasonably priced vintage furniture. They're said to have very friendly staff! Be sure to check in early, because the best furniture pieces go fast.

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