When it comes to TCC apartments, what is the difference between a townhouse and a flat?

When choosing apartments near Tallahassee Community College, it is important to know the difference between the different types of structures you can potentially reside in. Your lifestyle, budget and overall preference will have a lot to do with the final decision you make. Besides the area of town, cost and amenities, you will also need to choose what type of layout you would like for your new apartment. Two options may include either a multi-story townhouse or a flat. Knowing the difference between these two will help you decide which one is right for you!

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Apartments near TCC: Living in a Townhouse

When searching for TCC apartments, you may find that you absolutely fall in love with the townhouse floorplan. A townhouse is almost a small house of sorts, with two or three levels that is attached to a similar house by a shared wall. This type of unit may offer a private garage or no garage at all. Many townhouses may even offer a small front patio area or a back porch; some will even have their own mini-backyard and may even be fenced in! This is a great option if you have pets.

Apartments near Tallahassee Community College that offer the townhouse layout are very popular among both students and professionals. The obvious difference between these layouts and a flat is the stairs. Typical townhomes will have a ground floor entrance, with the living room, kitchen and common areas on the first floor. A set of stairs will usually lead up to the bedrooms, which can range anywhere between one to four or more. Some townhouses will be set up as almost pseudo-flats; meaning that the entrance is on the ground floor, but you will have to take the stairs at the front door which leads you to the second floor. Here, all of the rooms, including the common ones, are located on the same level.

Many residents love living in townhomes, due to the spacious feel, square footage and the similarities to a single-family home. However, some residents may not enjoy stairs in their home, especially those with mobility issues or small children. It is really up to the resident to decide if their lifestyle would best fit this particular layout.

TCC Apartments: Living in a Flat

 Apartments near TCC which offer the flat layout option are a very popular choice for many types of residents. Typically found within most apartment communities, a flat is a unit where all of the common areas and bedrooms are on the same floor. If a resident chooses a ground-floor flat, there will be no stairs to conquer at all! However, in multi-story communities, flats may be located on the second, third or higher floors, so stairs may need to be climbed in order to reach the front door.

Residents often choose the flat layout due to the convenience of having all of the rooms on the same floor. Cleaning a townhouse can become a little difficult once stairs are involved. Flats may not always offer as much square footage as townhomes, but they do offer easier accessibility between rooms and sometimes, more open space to decorate without having to deal with stairs. While these units may not offer a mini-backyard like a townhouse, many do offer very spacious patios or balconies. Every community is different however, so be sure to do your homework when trying to find the perfect floorplan for your new home!

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