4 Bedroom Apartments in Tallahassee, FL

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4 Bedroom Apartments in Tallahassee, FL

4+ Bedrooms

Looking for the right place can bring up a lot of questions. Where do I want to live? What kind of amenities do I want? How many rooms do I need? Knowing the size of your future home is one of the easiest decisions to make when on the hunt. Whether you have a growing family, or a student looking for cost-effective housing, 4 bedroom apartments in Tallahassee might be exactly what you're looking for. These larger units are very versatile and work around any lifestyle.

If you've determined that four bedroom Tallahassee apartments are what you want, then RentTally is your place! Our website allows you to search numerous four bedroom apartments in Tallahassee with our innovative search tools. You can also search by location, rent price, amenities, and more. After you've decided on the number of bedrooms you're looking for, then you can begin to find whatever other requirements you have for choosing the community that best suits your needs.

When looking for 4 bedroom apartments in Tallahassee, another important factor to consider is your rent. You want to be sure you're able to afford whichever apartment you choose as your next home. Rent is one of the largest expenses most people have. But it's not just rent that you have to consider—there's utilities, cable and Internet, too. However, some 4 bedrooms at Tallahassee apartments will include cable and utilities in the rent price, while others will not. It's crucial that you make yourself aware of these differences and that you choose the community that gives you the best overall "value". Don't just stay hooked on which place has the lowest rent price.

If you are a student looking for 4 bedroom apartments in Tallahassee, then you have a slightly different situation. Due to the fact that in 4 bedroom layouts you have the maximum number of roommates that most communities will allow, you usually will find the rent is definitely lower for 4 bedroom apartments in Tallahassee than any other option. While having a lower priced unit is a perk in itself, you will be sharing a living space with three other people, who could possibly be strangers. To avoid that, students often times move into these apartments with friends. However, if you're new to the city, or just prefer not to live with friends, then most communities with 4 bedroom apartments in Tallahassee offer roommate matching services so that you end up living with people similar to you.

No matter how you go about finding roommates, make sure you really know who you are and what traits you have and what you expect out of those you plan on living with. For example, if you're more the organized and cleanly type, make sure that your future roommates also find cleanliness important. Finding out that you have to clean up after them all the time can cause unwanted issues and tension in the apartment. You can avoid these types of conflicts by taking the time to really choose the most compatible roommates before moving in with them. As a rule of thumb, remember that living with someone is a whole different ball game than when you just hang out with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find roommates for 4 bedroom apartments in Tallahassee?

Apartments in Tallahassee make it easy to find roommates, because most offer free roommate matching programs! You'll be asked to fill out a form with questions about your personal habits, lifestyle, cleanliness, schedule, and more. The apartment will use your responses to match you with roommates that have similar lifestyles. We highly recommend being as honest as possible on the roommate matching form, because the process works really well when all of the roommates answer honestly! You can search for apartments with roommate matching to see which communities offer this service.

Will utilities be included in 4 bedroom apartment rent?

Some apartments in Tallahassee include utilities like electricity, water, cable, and internet with the monthly rent. You can search for all-inclusive apartments or check out this page for 4 bedroom apartments and use the search to find apartments with utilities included. Just locate the "Internet, Cable, and Utilities" filter on the 4 bedroom search page and check off the options for electricity and water.

What spaces are shared in 4 bedroom apartments?

In a 4 bedroom apartment, you'll share the common area with your roommates. Shared spaces include the kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry, and balcony/patio. Your assigned bedroom is your own private space, and many apartments feature individually locking bedroom doors. You'll be provided with your own key to your private suite, so you'll be the only one with access to your bedroom, bathroom, closet, and personal belongings. 

What happens if my roommate doesn't pay his/her rent in our 4 bedroom apartment?

If you sign an individual lease, you will only be responsible for your portion of the monthly rent. This means that if your roommate does not pay, you will not be affected in any way. To find apartments that are individually leased, just keep your eye out for options that list rent by the room (rather than by the entire apartment). When it is time to sign your lease, make sure you ask good questions to double check policies on rent responsibility and what happens if your future roommate is late on rent.

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