What are some of the most popular amenities to keep in mind while searching for FAMU apartments?

One of the best things about living in apartments near Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is the great amenity selection that communities may offer. Whether your passion is the outdoors, spending down time with friends or keeping yourself in shape, FAMU apartments offer some of the best variety of amenities for their residents to enjoy.

If you are a huge outdoor enthusiast, keep that in mind when searching for apartments near FAMU. Finding a community that has a nature trail or access to some of the area's best parks and green spaces will be ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the sunshine in their downtime. This is especially helpful for any resident who may have a dog that needs to get outdoors and exercise. Some of these communities may even have their own dog park or be in close proximity to one, so be sure to keep an eye out for that if you're concerned about your furry friend.

Another great outdoor amenity that many FAMU apartments have is a swimming pool. Again, this can be an outdoor enthusiasts dream, as well as anyone who likes to cool down on hot summer days. Many communities may even offer a resort style pool, which turns into a great hangout for your friends. Pool decks often times come equipped with outdoor grills and lounging areas, making your new apartment's swimming pool the ultimate oasis in the middle of Tallahassee. Some communities will even offer socials and pool parties during the summer months, giving you a great opportunity to unwind and get to know your neighbors. Having a pool in your community is also a great way to stay in shape, since swimming is such great cardio.

Getting and keeping in shape can be a chore in itself, so many apartments near FAMU try to make it easier for you by offering onsite fitness centers. Whether you are attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University or are working full time, having a gym that is steps from your front door can be very convenient. Working out can relieve stress and keep your body and mind healthy. Many communities offer fitness centers that include free weights, cardio equipment, group fitness classes and more. Some apartment gyms are even open 24 hours, making it very convenient for anyone who has non-traditional hours but still wants to work out.

The amenities listed above are only a sampling of what FAMU apartments can potentially offer. Some communities offer upgraded amenities such as movie theatres, basketball courts, car wash stations and much more. The key is finding your perfect mix of amenities, cost and comfort. 

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