What are some of the best brunch spots near Tallahassee apartments?

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This one goes out to all of my gals (and bros!) who brunch!  If you're anything like me and you enjoy a splash of orange juice with your champagne, then you're in luck; apartments in Tallahassee are near some of the most scrumptious brunch locations in the entire North Florida area. On any given Saturday or Sunday, Tallahassee natives make their way to any of these delicious and unique brunch locales, which offer much more than just your ordinary eggs benedict! So grab your friends and hop in your car, grab the bus or take a leisurely weekend walk to one of these amazing places.

Do you enjoy your brunch with a gorgeous view? The Edison is located by Cascades Park, giving patrons an eyeful of beautiful greenery to enjoy along with their crepes or omelets.  Their brunch buffet is the talk of the town, and even comes with a complimentary mimosa as an added bonus.  Andrew's also has a brunch buffet, but offers a separate menu for those not into the all-you-can-eat style of dining. I mean, you can't go wrong with mascarpone and blueberry French toast, right?

Many Tallahassee apartments have the benefit of being near other great brunch locations, such as Madison Social or Prime Time. Madison Social is operated by Florida State alumni and is a very popular location for the FSU brunch crowd. Pair a Greek egg skillet with a tangy grapefruit mimosa and you'll cure that Sunday morning hangover in no time! Prime Time's claim to fame brunch item would have to be the red velvet pancakes. Who doesn't like dessert for breakfast? Another popular location for those seeking a hangover cure, Prime Time actually offers a dish named "the hangover." This creation includes house hash covered in jalapeño bacon, prime rib, caramelized onions, fired eggs, sausage gravy and topped with a biscuit.

Apartments in Tallahassee also have access to amazing brunch locations like Canopy Road Café, known for their Cap'n Crunch French toast, and The Egg, specializing in any type of egg concoction you could imagine. You can hop on over to The Paisley Café in Midtown, where they are constantly switching up their menu items. Except the Chorizo Hash. That staple stays on the menu, and it's a good thing that it does.

 For those who prefer a liquid brunch with a side of food, The Brass Tap offers a wide variety of craft beer to help you wash down their signature banana & peanut butter ale waffles or sausage hash. There are still a ton of other great brunch spots that have not been mentioned, so when you feel like exploring this weekend, you can be sure to find some delicious eats and refreshing drinks somewhere near your Tallahassee apartment!

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