What are some tips for staying cool in apartments near FSU?

Living in the sunshine state at the Florida State University, the temperature can make it difficult to function at a normal pace. It's true people are less productive when they feel too hot. This is why air conditioning is so important in Florida. When you are living in an FSU apartment, normally air conditioning is one of the biggest utilities charges you have to pay for. With the cost of all the other living expenses, you might be looking for ways to save money and cut back on cranking up the air conditioning all the time.

It's true, you don't have to have your air conditioning low even when it's significantly warm outside. If you keep the temperature at an average rate (between 72 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and it doesn't change, it will keep your utilizes charge lower, saving you money for other important things.  That being said, other crafty ways can help you keep your apartment at a cooler temperature without touching the thermostat.

Open Windows on Cool Days in FSU Apartments

Not every day is going to have lower temperatures, but you can use the ones that are colder to your wallet's advantage. It's useful to monitor the weather every day and see if it's chilly enough to let the wind in. If you have a patio or balcony, it's a great idea to open up the sliding glass door and let cool air seep through the screen. Any airflow that can keep the temperature down is going to make the rooms in apartments near FSU more livable and less stuffy.

Block Sunlight From Coming Into Apartments Near FSU

Another great way to keep the temperature down is to keep sunlight from getting in. Although it's not super ideal to live in a dark cave of a home, closing some of the blinds can have a significant impact on the internal temperature of the inside of your FSU apartment. In this way, less hot UV rays will amount to more money in your pocket.

Also, investing in renting an apartment space with a swimming pool, where you can go to cool off if the heat gets too unbearable is another great option to cool down quicker. Another investment you could make is to purchase a plug-in fan that will cool off just your room, so you can live comfortably in the privacy of your own space.

Note: Plug-in fans can use up a lot of electricity, so opting for smaller fans that utilize less power can ensure your electricity bill doesn't drastically increase.

Use Items You Already Own to Cool Down FSU Apartments

There might be things you already have that can help lower the temperature in the room. White sheets and blankets absorb less heat because they are lighter on the color scale. Also, closing the doors to keep in the cool air generated by your ceiling fan is another great tip for lowering the temperature on a smaller scale.

If you take the time to be more conscious of the weather and are more proactive about the things you can do to cool down your space, there should be no worries about an expensive electrical bill at the end of the month.

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