As a parent, how will I know my child will be safe living off campus in Tallahassee?

As a child of worrying parents, I know how stressful it is for parents to let their babies to finally leave the "coop." My mom was super concerned about me deciding to live off-campus—as most parents would—but she knew it was better for me in the long run. Living on my own has taught me how to manage the responsibilities of adulthood and to really grow as an individual. If your child is choosing to live in the FSU apartments off-campus, let RentTally help give you some peace of mind that they can do the same thing.

Tallahassee Off-Campus Apartment Security Features 

There are many Tallahassee apartments that offer the right amount of security for their residents. These communities in Tallahassee vary from gated communities, apartments with security patrols or alarm systems installed in the units—all ways in order to ensure your precious "baby bird" is safe and sound in their home away from home. Gated communities require your approval of who's coming into the community with a press of a button from your child or from a security officer. Courtesy patrols provide safety around the community all-day and overnight. These patrol officers are like an active neighborhood and they report anything suspicious in the community first. Alarm systems provided by Tallahassee apartments go the extra mile to ensure your child and their valuables are safe.
Security Cameras

Security Features

But have no fear—your college student will feel safe on campus at night, too. Worried about your baby's personal safety when she's walking back to her car? FSU's Police Department offers Rape Aggression Defense classes. There are also specific towers on campus, Emergency Blue Light Telephones (EBLT), that at the press of its button, emergency services can be called to their attention. FAMU and Tallahassee's Police Department work in unison to ensure your child will be just as safe on that campus, too.

How to Find Tallahassee Apartments with these Security Features

To search which apartments have the security measures your child's looking for, you can easily use our unique search tools! On the RentTally homepage, in the box that says "Search All Apartments" you can click on "Find Your Apartment." After you land on our customizable apartment search page, you will then click on "Community Features." From there you will need to click on which security features your child would like to have whether it be a courtesy patrol or controlled access. If you would also like to see which communities offer alarm systems, you can click under the "Apartment Features" tab and make sure you select the proper choice. Once you've selected your preferable security options, you and your son or daughter can review the results and choose the most suitable apartment for their lifestyle and budget.

Being a little drive away from campus means there are plenty of communities within Tallahassee that will provide your child with the utmost security and respect. Whether it's a gated community, alarm systems or courtesy patrols, you can now feel at ease about your child leaving the nest. 

For more tips on parenting your FSU Nole as they leave the nest, head over to our FSU Parent Guide - and check out this article on security features to look for in FSU apartments.

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