Where are some outdoor study spots near my FSU apartment?

Some days studying in our FSU apartments seem impossible. It feels impossible to focus and all we want to do is crawl into our bed and binge-watch a show. So to make sure that we're prepared for any upcoming exams or to just get some work done, it is a complete necessity to seek out an alternative location. Here are some awesome places to check out near your Florida State University apartment.

Tally Cat Café

Located on N Monroe St, the Tally Cat Café is a coffee and wine bar that also serves some delicious food. But the main attraction of the Tally Cat Café is the adorable and adoptable cats in the cat lounge. Although it costs $8 per hour to enter the cat lounge, you can sit in the coffee bar area as long as you want to study. Maybe you'll even leave this spot with a new friend, as long as you have a pet-friendly apartment. 

Black Dog Café 

This adorable coffee shop is located along with Lake Ella and is perfect for those who want to study with a view. Black Dog Café serves a variety of different beverages and food and even has some awesome vegan options. This café has indoor and outdoor seating so no matter the weather, Black Dog Café has a spot for you. They also have a location in Railroad Square Art Park if the Lake Ella location is a little too far from your FSU apartment. 

The Brass Tap

If you're more of an evening or night studier, The Brass Tap might be the spot for you. This bar serves craft beer, wine, and cocktails and is located in Midtown. Perfect for the above 21 crowd, The Brass Tap also serves some amazing food to help you power through your marathon study session. The pretzel bites are a definite must-try! When you're done studying, hang around for their trivia nights or sing some Karaoke.

GreenWise Market

Ever need to go grocery shopping after a good study session? Publix's GreeenWise Market, located in College Town, might be the perfect study spot for you. You can either study outside or on the second floor and there's even a hot food bar to grab a meal or snacks to help you power through your study session. There isn't a ton of parking available though, so this spot is perfect to walk to on a sunny day. You can even get your grocery shopping done for your Florida State University apartment when you're finished studying.

Cascades Park

Looking to spend some time outdoors while cramming for your exam? Cascades Park is the study spot for you. This park has a ton of space to spread out and a plethora of tables to use. If you need a pick-me-up, check out the Power Plant Café located in the park. Bring a blanket and some snacks and have a cute study picnic with some friends. You could even bring your favorite furry friends to help you push through your study session. Afterward, you could always grab a bite at The Edison with some friends!

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