What are some relaxing places to read near my FSU apartment?

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Tally Square
Tally Square's close proximity to Cascades Park is perfect for anyone looking to go there and read in a nice, relaxing setting!

In the fast-paced, bustling capital city of Tallahassee, students attending Florida State University are always looking for new ways to relax. Whether it's going to the park, finding a new coffee spot, or cozying up at home, the one thing these places all have in common is that they are great reading destinations. If you're an avid reader and the four walls of your student apartment are just not cutting it anymore, venturing to places outside of your FSU apartment can give you the change of scenery you are looking for.

In a town full of students, quiet spaces are great, productive places to learn and get work done. Whether you read every day or just need to flip through a textbook for class, there are places around apartments near FSU that are perfect for your individual reading needs.

Seek Out Libraries Close to Apartments Near FSU

The great thing about being a student near Florida State University is that you have access to the school's libraries. Dirac and Strozier are the two main libraries on campus. These libraries have multiple floors, free Wi-Fi, isolated desks, and study rooms; perfect for anyone looking for a quiet corner to read.

I always visit these libraries because they are close to my classes, and offer printing and scanning stations, tutoring, conference rooms that you can reserve online, and vending machines and a Starbucks at both locations.

Go to Coffee Shops Near FSU Apartments

If you are wanting to go to a more public reading destination, coffee shops might be the better option. When there's a large student community, coffee shops providing well-needed caffeine fixes are never too far away from FSU apartments. Some of the best coffee shops around the area that offer free Wi-Fi, delicious coffee creations, and a relaxed studying environment are All Saint's Café, Calvin's Coffee House, The Sweet Shop, Paper Fox Coffee, Serenity Coffee and Kava Bar, and Catalina Café.

All these places are student-friendly, have laptop and phone charging stations, plus you can purchase caffeine and pastries for reasonable prices. On a student budget, what more could you ask for?

Travel to Public Parks Around Apartments Near FSU

Reading in an earthy setting can offer a more natural, and isolated experience. Feeling the sun on your skin and the wind through your hair might make it easier to relax and curl up with a book too. Not to mention if you have a hammock, you can take it with you to Landis Green and park yourself in between two trees on campus. Now, if you don't have a car and don't feel like walking, living in apartments near public transportation can help you get there. Some of the most common parks away from campus that are student-friendly are free to visit are Cascades Park and Governor's Park.

Note: Governor's Park doesn't have any bathrooms, so it limits the amount of time you might be able to spend there, but it is less populated compared to Cascades Park.

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