How do I get involved with politics or our government around my TCC apartment?

Maybe you just moved to Tallahassee to attend college, or you are a longtime resident of the area. Either way, there are many ways to get involved with politics and our local and state government around your apartment near TCC. With Tallahassee being Florida's state capital, the opportunities to get involved are endless, whether with the city of Tallahassee, Leon County, Leon County Schools, or Florida. You'll have a chance to attend meetings, volunteer, and other opportunities right in your backyard.

Student Government

As a student in Tallahassee, the most essential step to getting involved with politics and our government is to get informed about current issues. You may choose to take a political science course to begin, or maybe a similar course has spurred you to learn more. You may look into different clubs or organizations at TCC. For a current list of clubs and organizations on campus, click here, and this link also includes instructions on how to start your own club, if you can't find one you are looking to join.

Local Government

You can watch or attend meetings of any of the governments listed above to learn more. Due to covid, many entities are doing meetings via zoom, YouTube, or other online viewing options. Click the following links for their respective calendar of events and meetings: city of Tallahassee, Leon County, Leon County Schools, and the state of Florida Senate and House of Representatives. In most cases, public meetings list a meeting agenda in advance on their respective websites and allow citizen input before and during the meetings.

After getting to know more, you may feel it is time to contact your elected officials to find out how you can help, ask for further information, or express your opinion. With Florida's state capitol building just miles away from the TCC campus, you may be able to do some of your contacts in person.


You may look into opportunities to volunteer with student organizations or other local groups with a cause you are interested in helping out. You could also volunteer to be a poll worker in the next election and play an important role in the democratic process. For Tallahassee and Florida, there is a primary election on August 23 and a general election on November 8 this year of 2022.


And lastly, that leaves an important responsibility for every American: voting. You can register to vote in Florida online or at any Supervisor of Elections' office by mail or in-person. You must be an American citizen, a Florida resident, and at least eighteen years old to register to vote. The Leon County Supervisor of Elections office includes a whole section for new student voters, including registering and voting in Leon county or your home county. Beneficial information that you should check out.

Whether you plan to stay in Tallahassee after your time at Tallahassee Community College or plan to move on, this is a great time and place to get involved in politics and government. You have many opportunities right around your Tallahassee Community College apartment from the city, county, school board, and to the state of Florida government.

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