How to be a good roommate at my FAMU apartment?

Some head off to college with plans to live with friends, siblings, and many benefit from roommate matching services. No matter your situation, if you are looking for tips on being a good roommate at your FAMU apartment, this article is for you.

Be Pleasant

If you went through roommate matching services, you will find that you and your roommates have something in common in most cases. It may not always result in a best friend scenario. Still, the purpose of college living is to have a safe and pleasant place to live as you attend the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Even if you have something in common, it is always good to get to learn your roommate more. How do you do that? Maybe plan a weekly dinner out or dinner in if you all like to cook. Plan a game or movie night. Pick something that all the roommates enjoy that helps you get to know each other and keep the relationship growing. It will make for a more pleasant living experience for all.

If you plan a roommate night, just remember that doesn't mean that you need to spend all your time together. No matter how close you may become with your roommates, everyone needs their own space and privacy at times. Please respect their privacy and your roommate's space. It's never a good idea to go into their room or borrow things without asking. Give them space to do things on their own.


When you attend FAMU, many apartments are on individual leases, meaning you are separate from your roommates and only responsible for yourself. However, you may need to split the electricity, internet bill, and other apartment expenses in some situations. If your roommates rely on you to pay a portion of the bills, make sure you pay your share, the total amount, and deliver them on time. No one has extra money to cover their roommate's bills, especially during college, and nothing will ruin a relationship faster than one roommate not paying their share of the bills.

Split & Discuss

When you first move in together, you may decide to split some apartment essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, or maybe you decide to go further and split groceries. Make sure all of this is discussed up front, and stick to what is discussed. You may want to purchase dividers in the kitchen or refrigerator to keep track of each roommate's items and avoid any confusion. The same goes for all the shared spaces in your FAMU apartment, make sure to clear it with your roommates if you plan to have guests over and use the shared space.

Having roommates is a big part of college student life at your FAMU off campus housing community. If you are lucky, it will be a pleasant experience for you, and who knows, you may leave college with a lifelong friend. It takes work of every roommate, and we hope these tips on being a good roommate help you on your way.

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