Where are good places to eat and meet people near my FSU apartment?

Within walking distance from your FSU apartment, you will find College-Town, Tallahassee. Every weekend the Tallahassee Police Department will partly close off both South Woodward Avenue and Madison Street, the heart of College-Town, in order to allow for a free range of fun for all ages! 


Having a deep craving for comfort food? Head on over to Coosh‘s Bayou Rouge, try their Tallahassee twist on Louisiana Cajun cuisine. Tally Locals, Durand "Coosh" Willis and his wife Margaret; serve their specialty seafood's, spice, and gumbos with rice. Whether you try the catfish or their crawfish, there is no recipe that Coosh's haven't perfected. Coosh's is also well known for their rotating frozen daiquiri flavors. With over five different daiquiris to choose from, it's guaranteed that Coosh's has a flavor for everyone!

Little Masa

Speaking of flavors- the newest addition to the College-Town community, Little Masa, has introduced these tally taste buds to their flavorful Asian-Fusion food. At Little Masa, you get service with a smile along side with your sushi or stir-fry. For those of you not from the Tallahassee area, one should know that Little Masa earned its name because it is the second, smaller location of the Masa food chain. "Big Masa" as the locals would call it, was crowned the winner of Tallahassee's Best Asian Restaurant. Regardless of which location you go to, grab your chopsticks because you're in for a real treat! 

Madison Social

Feeling up for a challenge? Slide on over to Madison Social, where you can enjoy a playful contest with your cocktail. Every month, Madison Social introduces a new challenge consisting of a variety of their newest hand-selected spirits. If the challenger finishes all of said selected cocktails, one is rewarded with the custom Madison Social T-shirt that was created for that month. At Florida State University, it has become a known tradition that if you do win this prized MadSo T-shirt, one must wear it with great pride. As you should! 


It doesn't stop there! Just across the street from Madison Social is their dynamic duo and it goes by the name of Township. Luckily for you, this local favorite is just within walking distance of your student apartment. Township is a place where people come in for the good food and end up staying for the better company. With both indoor and outdoor patio seating, Township is the perfect place to have socially distanced spirits or shareable at a decent cost. Their mantra is "for the table, by the people", meaning order for the table and snag a seat by the people. You never know whom you're going to meet, since this is a gathering place for frequented Florida State University Noles.

Tin Lizzy's

Last but definitely not least, is Tin Lizzy's Cantina! Talk about taqueria, Tin Lizzy's offers a selection of sixteen different signature street tacos for you to choose from. In Tallahassee, Tin Lizzy's is known as the perfect place to go when you want to fulfill all of your Taco Tuesday cravings. To top it off, there is nothing better to wash all of your food down with other than their refreshing ice cold margaritas! This friendly atmosphere serves authenticity with a side of good hospitality, or "friends serving friends" as Tin Lizzy's would call it.


If you want to stay more in tune with one of Tallahassee's premium dining, shopping, living, and entertainment districts, show some love to their Instagram page, This account posts not only about the upcoming events on the avenue, but it also reposts the latest specials and savings in College-Town as well. Being just minutes away from your Florida State University apartment and Doak Stadium, you'll have plenty of time to decide which restaurant is your favorite!

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