What should I do with my kids during spring break around Tallahassee?

As we get closer to the start of Spring on March 20, spring break is a topic that is hot right now, but it looks like it won't happen for all this year due to COVID. We've gathered some ideas for spring break ideas close to your apartment in Tallahassee. FSU spring break is canceled, but they will end the spring semester a week earlier than planned. TCC and FAMU will be off the same week as Leon County Schools which is coming up in the next few weeks (March 15- March 19). With the craziness of the school year, it seems to have snuck upon us all. Or maybe you are prepared with days off from work but looking for some ideas for spring break around your Tallahassee apartment?

Spring Break Camps

If the week snuck up on you and you need to find childcare, or your child is looking forward to a camp-type experience with friends, check out spring break camps listed on Fun4TallyKids.com. The Tallahassee Museum has a camp or if you have a space lover, check out the Camp Challenger Spring Break Camp. Both last all week and are available for Kindergarten through 5th grade and set to last all week.

Fun Around Town

If you plan to stay in town and looking for fun options, your apartment playground or pool is always a great start, or maybe a local park like Tom Brown Park. With our unpredictable weather here in Tallahassee, we may have some rainy-day play places on standby like Fun Station, Urban Air Adventure Park, or Skate World. What kid wouldn't love to play all week?

Take a Trip to the Beach

No matter where you live in Florida, you are just a short drive to a beach, and Tallahassee is no different. The closest beach from your apartment in Tallahassee is directly south of the city, where you will find the quaint coastal towns of St. Marks, Panacea, and Alligator Point, to name a few. If you want to head a little further west, St. George Island, Mexico Beach, or Panama City Beach are all under two hours drive or maybe stay a few nights for a mini vacay.

Check Out Local Parks

There are many great city and county parks around your Tallahassee apartment but here are a few to check out as a fun day trip. Florida Caverns State Park is around an hour trip northwest of Tallahassee in Marianna to explore rare caves in Florida. Or visit our neighboring state of Georgia to see canyons at Providence Canyon State Park. Or visit the river of our official state song, the Suwannee River, at Suwannee River State Park or the neighboring town of White Springs, where you can learn more about Stephen Foster who authored our famous song at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park

In true Florida fashion who knows what the weather will be during spring break…it could be winter again, spring or even summer, only time will tell but hopefully this list helps you plan some fun for your kids around your non-student apartment in Tallahassee. It has been a weird year, and the kids and adults deserve a little fun this spring break. All locations listed may have extra precautions, including limited capacity due to COVID, so call ahead before leaving your Tallahassee apartment and ENJOY!

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