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Juliana Henchy

Born and raised in the sunshine state, Juliana thinks of Florida as her forever home. She grew up in Central Florida, and graduated from Winter Park High School. Continuing on with her Floridian journey, Juliana moved to Tallahassee, Florida to pursue a bachelor's degree at Florida State University.

After earning her degree in English, for editing, writing, and media with a minor in communications, she sought out to expand her talents while putting forth full efforts to accomplish any goal at hand. As she developed comprehensive experience in creating compelling content for a variety of diverse industries, Juliana was prepared to expand her record of writing and editing to cultivate strategic relationships and encourage future connections throughout the state of Florida.

Although she wears her garnet and gold loud and proud, Juliana has an appreciation for more than just our state's capital. In her free time, she enjoys traveling from city to city to check out new local businesses through out the state of Florida. The inspiration behind her voyages is derived from people like her mother, Jessica Henchy. Whom is also a small business owner in the beautiful city of Winter Park, Florida.

On her quests, Juliana has been lucky enough to stumble across some of the latest diners, drive-ins, and dives in Florida! However, she is no foreigner to foodie community. If you are looking for a recommendation for a good local restaurant near your new rental, Juliana is your girl! From po-boys to potato pancakes, there is no food that Juliana won't try.

Her experiences, along with the wise words of the Florida natives, ensures that Juliana will be able to guide you in finding a rental that best suits your personal taste. Regardless of your preference, Juliana hopes that Florida will be your forever home too!