Any tips for organizing my new TCC apartment kitchen?

For students attending Tallahassee Community College, it's essential to find TCC apartments with functional kitchens. Whether you have a big or small kitchen, organization is key to making your kitchen area convenient to use. Apartments near TCC may have appliances such as a fridge or a microwave, but regardless of what they have, be sure to organize the space. You can go about doing this in several ways, but here are just a few tips and tricks for organizing the kitchen of your TCC apartment.

Purchase a Cutlery Tray

This is a necessity for any kitchen! Purchase a cutlery tray to hold your forks, spoons, and knives. Typically, a cutlery tray lives in your kitchen drawer and prevents your utensils from floating around in there. Every piece of silverware has a designated place, which makes for quick and easy grabbing. It can also be an excellent place to store straws or other small kitchen items, as long as you have enough space. 

Add a Functional Jar

Place a jar on your TCC apartment kitchen counter and fill it with large utensils, such as spatulas and spoons. Not only will a large jar be able to store all of these items and allow for extra space in your cabinets, but it will also add some personality to your kitchen decor. Jars and containers are great for organizing items, even in the cabinets and drawers. Utilizes containers such as this to keep things tidy. 

Designate a Place for Everything

The best thing you can do to avoid clutter in your kitchen is to establish a place for everything. That way, when you are done with an item, you know to immediately put it back where it belongs. Larger items, such as a food processor, can remain on the counter or be stored in a cupboard. If you choose to place large items on the counter like this, make sure to limit the number of them visible. Too many things on the counter can look messy. Utilize the storage space that apartments near TCC offer to make your kitchen tidy.

Grab an Over-the-Sink Drying Rack

If you need a drying rack, consider purchasing an over-the-sink option. Over-the-Sink drying racks save space on your counter and appear less bulky than traditional drying racks. You don't need to worry about taking up counter space when drying your dishes. There are many apartments near TCC that have utilities included, so you don't need to worry about paying a separate water bill after washing your dishes and using your drying rack. 

If you maintain your TCC apartment kitchen's organization, you will feel more inclined to use the space. Organize your area by following these tips, and you can rest assured that your kitchen will look clean and stay clean. From using items like cutlery trays and jars to store certain items to designating a place for your kitchenware and using space-saving items such as an over-the-sink drying rack, there are several easy ways to organize your kitchen.

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