I don’t have a car. Are there any FSU apartments near a Star Metro bus stop?

You are in luck, because Tallahassee is a very public transportation-friendly city. If you are without a car, searching for FSU apartments near public transportation will make your life so much easier! Many students move to Tallahassee for school and do not have modes of transportation. This great city has made it very easy for you to get from point A to point B by offering FSU students a great option.

The Star Metro is the bus line that moves about Tallahassee. Searching for FSU apartments near a Star Metro bus stop will alleviate some stress! The Seminole Express is a specific campus route that travels from FSU apartments and other landmarks to the center of campus. The best part? It is free with a valid FSU student or faculty/staff ID! All campus buses have bike racks for the convenience of the students.

Star Metro also has an extensive city-wide route, running Sunday through Saturday. Their website has many helpful features, such as a trip planner and rider services area. The trip planner is an interactive tool which allows you to enter your location and destination addresses, along with the time you need to arrive. It gives you updates of bus locations in real time, so you’re never unsure of where your ride is again. The Star Metro line gives students living in FSU apartments the advantage of living in such a convenient location to public transportation.

If you would like to search for apartments near FSU that are on a Star Metro line, all you have to do is use our RentTally search feature. First, you will need to specify the number of bedrooms you are looking for. Then you can set you price if you wish to narrow it down even further. When you’re setting your filters, be sure to mark “near public transportation.” This will only populate search results near a bus stop. It’s really that easy!

Public transportation in Tallahassee can take you many other places besides campus. Be sure to use Star Metro on the weekends to go check out the downtown area. There are great social events, weekly farmers markets, boutiques, pubs, cafes and galleries sprinkled across the city; you will want to make the most of your FSU college experience, so use the handy trip planner feature on Star Metro’s website to plan a fun weekend that you will never forget!

The Star Metro runs late at night as well, so it is a great option if you have been studying all evening at the library or finishing up a night out with your friends. This bus service caters to the student population and services both FSU and FAMU.

Your decision to use public transportation also helps the environment and your health. By not adding another car to the roads and contributing to pollution, you’re definitely taking a step in the “green” direction. Even taking the extra steps from your apartment to the bus stop or from the bus stop to class helps you with burning a few extra calories each day. Having a car can be a huge convenience, but it also takes away some valuable exercise time that you could gain by using public transportation.

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