I’m a huge history buff. Are there any Tallahassee apartments near museums or historical sites?

Tallahassee is the perfect city for history buffs! Almost all of the Tallahassee apartments available for rent are close to a historical site or landmark. The hardest part is deciding on which area of the city to start your search in! As Florida's capitol city, there is no shortage of fun and educational places where you can learn more about the history of the Sunshine State.

The most obvious place to begin your Tallahassee apartments search is in the area near the Florida State Capitol Building. A trip to this building will allow you to see Florida laws in the making! You can visit this building 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Although the site that houses the current lawmakers is new, the original State Capitol building is still open to the public and is definitely worth a trip! Inside, you will find a very interesting museum with original artifacts from the establishment of the Capitol city, dating back to 1824. There are plenty of Tallahassee apartments in this area, so if you think you would like to live in the center of the action, you may want to try this area first.

If you're more interested in Florida's natural history, then searching for apartments in Tallahassee near the Tallahassee Museum may be your best bet. This museum has been a landmark in the city for over 50 years. It is currently ranked as one of Florida's top museums, and has exhibits ranging anywhere from native animals to rare historic buildings. The Tallahassee Museum's tagline is "Where North Florida's History, Nature and Wildlife Intersect." So if you think you'd like to live near this hotspot for Florida's natural history, be sure to look for an apartment in Southwest Tallahassee.

Each area of Tallahassee has its own unique history. While the surrounding areas boast beautiful parks and museums, the downtown area is where you will typically stumble across "Old Florida." The locals typically break the downtown area up into five other districts besides Capitol Hill: College Town, All Saints, Cascade Park, College Park, Governor's Walk and Capitol Hill. College town is as the name describes. It's seen an incredible amount of growth over the past few years and has touted itself as a great area for college students to live in. The All Saints District is said to be the "hip" area of town, with great restaurants, pubs, galleries and cafes. It almost has an "off-the-beaten-path" vibe. Cascades Park is a large, 24-acre park used for many community events. College Park is the area where you can find Florida State University and is also known for its amazing views. Finally, Governor's Walk is an area full of chic condos and boutique hotels. The historic Governor's Mansion takes up a 6-block area in this district.

Searching for Tallahassee apartments can be such a fun experience for anyone interested in history! This city has so many stories, activities, landmarks and artifacts to be found. Just use our RentTally search tool to search for your new home in any of these areas. You will be on your way to learning and living history in no time!

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