The weather is so nice in Tallahassee. Is it easy to find FAMU apartments with a patio or balcony?

Isn’t Florida wonderful? I completely understand why you chose to earn your education in this beautiful state, and searching for FAMU apartments with an outdoor retreat is simple and easy! There are many other amenities and features you will need to decide upon before making your final decision. However, if finding a variety of FAMU apartments with patios and balconies is of the utmost importance to you, then RentTally has you covered!

With Florida having an enjoyable year-round climate, many people opt to search for FAMU apartments with a patio or balcony. Your first decision will be between choosing a ground floor apartment or a 2nd story or above apartment. Many people prefer ground floor apartments, because they are easier to access. Imagine living on the third floor and carrying home you groceries up three flights of stairs each week! If you choose a ground-floor apartment, you will then need to ask for one with a patio.

Patios are great for multiple reasons. You can set furniture on them and relax outside when the weather is nice. Thankfully in Tallahassee, there is an abundance of nice weather, so patios usually come in handy! Be sure to check the weather in your area before heading outdoors. However, even if it’s raining, a patio offers shelter for you to enjoy Mother Nature.

Feel free to unwind with your favorite beverage after a long day of hitting the books, or even bring your books with you on your patio. Most apartments offer patios with lights, so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor escape at any hour of the day. Just be mindful of your neighbors: some walls can be very thin, and on a patio you have no insulation to block out any noise you make. If you are up late making a lot of noise on your patio, you may have some very angry residents next door the following morning!

Another great reason to have a patio is if you have a pet. A dog will do especially well in a ground floor apartment with a patio, because when it’s time for them to go outside, there are no stairs to climb. Some patios even open to the grassy area where your dog can play and use the restroom. This will be very convenient for you, especially if your dog likes to wake you up at 5 AM! Just be sure you check with the FAMU apartments you are looking into to see what their pet policy is. And as always, please pick up after your dog!

Some residents really do prefer living above the ground floor. The perks are better views and sometimes, no neighbors walking above. These apartments are typically quieter. Some people may even enjoy the exercise of taking the stairs each day!

If you live in a 2nd floor or above apartment, you will be looking for a balcony. A balcony in apartments near FAMU can offer amazing views and a peaceful retreat. Balconies are typically quieter than patios; however you still need to exercise caution when hanging out late at night. Your neighbors can still hear you.

The downside of balconies is that some apartments have restrictions on what you can and can’t keep on them. This is for your safety and the safety of your neighbors. For example, some communities do not allow outdoor grills above the ground floor. This could potentially be a fire hazard if there were an accident on your balcony.

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