Are apartments near FSU a good fit for Tallahassee Community College students?

As you get ready to move to Tallahassee to start your new semester at Tallahassee Community College, you may be wondering if an apartment near FSU is a good fit for TCC students, and the answer is…YES! There are many reasons why an apartment near FSU will work for your time at TCC, and we will explore a few here.


Tallahassee Community College (TCC), Florida State University (FSU), and Florida Agricultural Mechanical University (FAMU) are all located in Southwest Tallahassee. FSU is located just over two miles east of TCC, and FAMU is just over five miles from TCC, so as you can see, they are all neighbor schools with many student apartments to choose from in between or around the area. The Downtown Tallahassee area is home to more luxury apartments or professionals looking to enjoy city life. Midtown Tallahassee has a lot of new growth with young families and older couples but close to the downtown district and colleges. If you are looking for the true college experience and to surround yourself with other college co-eds, the southwest side of town will be the perfect spot for your TCC apartment.

Transfer Opportunity

Another reason is the TCC2FSU. This allows for a seamless transition for those that earn an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree from Tallahassee Community College and then go on to earn a bachelor's degree from Florida State University. So, you may start at TCC but end up at FSU, so off-campus housing near FSU will work better in the long run. TCC students also get discounts for Florida State Football tickets. Make sure to check out our post on the best spots to watch an FSU football game around your Tallahassee apartment.


Transportation is another reason why it doesn't matter if you go to TCC but live in an apartment near FSU. Tallahassee's local bus service, StarMetro, has routes to take you to Tallahassee Community College's main campus and other places around town. If you don't have a vehicle, no problem in Tallahassee.

College Town

Tallahassee is Florida's capital city, but it is also a true "college town." With three colleges in the southwestern part of the city, we are confident you will find the perfect apartment near TCC, and it may end up being closer to FSU or FAMU, which will work out just fine. Focus more on what you need in an apartment rather than location. Maybe you are looking for a student apartment with roommate matching, or perhaps you are looking for an apartment with a great pool area to relax after class or meet other TCC students. We are sure you will find the perfect TCC apartment through our search and love your time in Tallahassee!

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