What are some tips for eating well in FSU apartments with a busy school schedule?

If you're a student moving to apartments near Florida State University, you are likely to spend a lot of time on campus, especially if you have a packed class schedule. Whether it's your first time trying to manage this type of schedule or you just want to improve on past habits, coming up with a good game plan for healthy eating habits can make a big impact on your energy, mood and overall health. These steps include planning ahead, becoming familiar with the area and having the motivation to stay on track.

What kind of food prep can I do at home in FSU apartments?

You won't always have time to prepare your meals for the next day or week in FSU apartments. Living in a student apartment can also present additional challenges, as you might be sharing a refrigerator with 2-3 roommates in apartments with roommate matching. However, packing your own healthy lunches can be simple and easy with some planning and basic meal prep knowledge. Having classes back to back with no time to grab food can leave you feeling stressed, hungry and tired. Even if you have time to grab a quick meal, eating out often may not be student budget-friendly. That's why it's a great idea to prepare your own lunches and have access to energy-boosting food throughout the day. Below are some good places to start when prepping meals for your school day.

  • Access to a microwave: This is an important consideration when packing your meals. Many people love to make meals like rice, chicken and vegetables in huge batches for the week. However, this is not the best fit if you have no time to find a microwave on campus between classes. Instead, you can create delicious salads, sandwiches and other no-heat meals that can stay cool all day with a high-quality ice pack.
  • Snacks: It can be tempting to grab a big bag of chips or cookies from a snack machine, but the habit can be broken if you come prepared with your own snacks from home! Healthier snacks include fruit, nuts, yogurt, veggies and smaller portions of chips or cookies. Snacking well throughout the day can help you stay focused and alert instead of sluggish and ready to go home.
  • Timing: If you are always running late or rushing out in the morning, you may be better off packing your lunch the night before. Meals that are microwaved can be prepped much farther in advance, but you can still make a good sandwich or salad the night before and add the condiments later, if desired. This also gives you more time to think about the day's schedule and pack accordingly.

What if I don't have time to pack my own lunch before class?

Students in apartments near FSU are lucky to have access to many different restaurants and cafes that serve food for a range of diet needs and preferences. Don't forget that fast food doesn't have to be unhealthy – you can find good options at almost every big fast food chain, especially if you customize your order. This Health.com article is a helpful guide for popular restaurants that can be found in or near FSU. If your preferred restaurant is a little too far to walk, you can also find public transportation or use a bike on campus.

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