How do I furnish my FAMU apartment?

While some Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University apartments are already furnished with basic items, like a couch, coffee table, chairs, and other items, many other FAMU apartments are a blank slate when a new resident moves in. Residents who are moving from one apartment to a new one typically already have bigger furniture items. However, residents who shared or did not own any furniture in their last place will need prepare for furnishing FAMU apartments. Whether you have a bigger budget or want to stay thrifty and frugal, adding a personal touch to your unit can be a great way to get settled in.

What should I consider when looking for furniture for FAMU apartments?

It is a good idea to wait until you choose your FAMU apartment to acquire furniture, especially bigger items. For example, you may not be thrilled about carrying a very heavy bookcase or couch up several flights of stairs if your unit is located on higher floors. Choose FAMU apartments with elevators can be one way to solve this problem. Otherwise, you may find it more appealing to live on the first floor instead.

Another aspect to consider is the size of your unit. If you choose a studio or 1-bedroom apartment with less square footage, adding too many bulky furniture items can take up space. Many FAMU apartments offer photos of floor plans and layouts so that you can get a better idea of the space available without having to visit in person. Make sure to confirm your unit layout with the leasing office if you have specific furniture placement in mind.

Where should I start when furnishing my FAMU apartment?

If you don't already own a bed, this is an important place to start when moving to FAMU apartments. The process of moving in can be exhausting and having a nice bed to sleep on when you're done can be soothing after all that work. If you have a backup plan for sleep, however, it is also a great strategy to scope out your bedroom space and make a definitive plan for other furniture items before deciding on the right bed. Purchasing a bigger bed, for example, may mean downsizing on your dresser, nightstand and desk.

Once your bedroom is all set, acquiring living room furniture is a nice way to make your new place feel like home. If you know you'll spend a lot of time on the couch, consider budgeting a little more money towards a comfortable, quality item that suits your posture and relaxation preferences. The other items you want in your living room will depend on your lifestyle. For example, some residents will want extra lighting, more storage options, or several bookshelves for their collection. You may also want to furnish your dining room area with tables and chairs, especially if you plan to have guests or dinner parties. If you need ideas for furnishing your apartment on a budget, this LifeHacker article provides some helpful tips for low cost strategies.

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