As a college student with a limited budget, how can I find a cheap FAMU apartment? Or any other tips to save money?

Most of us are feeling the pinch of rising costs with just about everything right now, from groceries and gas to our electric bills but lucky for you, most college apartments are set up with a limited budget in mind. So if you are looking to save money at your FAMU apartment and stay within budget you came to the right place, so let's get started!

Before you select an apartment, let's first talk budget. There are student apartments in Tallahassee in every price range, including under $500 a month or under $600 a month. While attending the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, you may be surprised that you won't have to skimp on amenities or spacious layouts to stay within your college student apartment.

Next, let's look at cheap apartments in Tallahassee. There are over ten options throughout the area. Twelve-Twenty at Brooklyn Yard apartments is an excellent location as it is located at the north end of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University campus in the College Town area.

Another way to save money is looking for an apartment near FAMU that includes utilities or an all-inclusive option that bundles your utilities and rent all in one set monthly payment. As energy costs have increased, there will be no guessing or panic each month if you get an extra high electricity bill when you have utilities included with your rent. Your rent will stay the same each month and gives much peace of mind while trying to keep within budget.

As you make the move to college in Tallahassee and your own FAMU apartment expenses may be high just starting out. Another way to cut down on those expenses up front is to look for a furnished apartment that is move-in ready. Since your college apartment is only temporary, saving your budget for permanent furniture may be beneficial after you graduate from FAMU. Many apartments in Tallahassee offer furnishings for the common areas and bedrooms including a desk so you can get right to work.

Choosing an apartment near FAMU and public transportation is another way to save money while attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. There will be no car, insurance, or gas expense each month. Tallahassee offers public transportation through starmetro, or FAMU students can ride FAMU's Venom Shuttle Express for FREE with their Student ID.

After you find your perfect apartment near FAMU, another way to save money is to take advantage of your apartment's amenities. Instead of paying for a monthly gym membership, use your apartment's fitness center. Take advantage of the many great trails in the Tallahassee area to run or walk. Cook more in your apartment instead of eating out in restaurants.

As you attend the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, your focus should be on your education, not your monthly budget. Looking for a cheap apartment in Tallahassee ahead of time sets you up for success and limits stress on you each month when you are paying your bills. We hope this article helps you with ways to save money while you are attending college.

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